Toronto year Review 2010 Photos

Toronto 2010 in review via photos

2010 was a tumultuous year in Toronto. Not only did the G20 alter the way many of us think about the place we call home, but the mayoral election -- and Rob Ford's subsequent win -- offered a reminder that there remains a significant ideological divide between the downtown and suburban areas of the city. Over and above these polarizing stories, this was also a year in which hockey fans finally had a real reason to flood onto Toronto streets, the TTC took quite the beating for its customer service failings, the Pride parade was mired in political controversy and one of Toronto's worst traffic obstacles -- or jogs -- was finally fixed.

So, to change things up a bit, instead of just talking about what went on this year, I thought it might be nice to do some showing as well. Here is Toronto 2010 in photos. Lead image by Todd Metcalfe.

January 21st

TTC Sleeper

Although the whole thing seems blown out of proportion in the wake of George Robitaille's death, when he was caught sleeping on the job, the situation became emblematic of the customer service issues plaguing the TTC. Photo by Jason Wieler.

January 31st

Dion Phaneuf

Hoping to shake up his flagging team,Brian Burke acquires Dion Phaneuf from the Calgary Flames in a blockbuster deal. He hasn't necessarily made the difference fans hoped for, so the jury is still out. Photo by Derek Flack at the team's recent outdoor practice.

February 15th

Adam Giambrone

Adam Giambrone is embroiled in a pretty minor scandal, but he nevertheless drops out of the mayoral race. Photo by Roger Cullman.

February 28th

Canada Gold Toronto celebration

Canada wins the Olympic Men's Hockey tournament, Toronto erupts in celebration. Photo by Tanja-Tiziana.

March 28th

Earth Hour Toronto

Earth Hour 2010 just didn't seem to have the same visual impact as in years past, which led to debate as to the effectiveness of the tradition/strategy. Photo by Denis Marciniak.

April 29th

Condo Fire Toronto

Although the damage didn't end up being nearly as bad as with a later fire at 200 Wellesley, an afternoon blaze atop a Queen's Quay condo led to some dramatic photos. Photo by Sir.Charlie.

May 12th

Toronto Mayoral Candidates

By mid May, the mayoral race was already going strong. Seen above are the original six candidates at the Habitat for Humanity debate. Notice who's laughing the most? Photo Tomasz Bugajski,


g20 Fence

G20 FireG20 Police FireG20 Detention Centre Toronto

The G20 dominated the month of June, and not in a good way. Although the violence was contained to limited number of protesters and police, it had a profound effect on this city. Along with the over-the-top security measures and black bloc tactics, we had our very own temporary detention centre where hundreds were detained under dubious charges. Photos by Tomasz Bujagski, MCXL5, Jen Takes Pictures, and Tim Shore.

July 4th


Pride 2010 took place later in the year than usual on account of the G20, and it wasn't without a little controversy of its own when Queers Against Israeli Apartheid were initially banned from the parade, but then allowed to participate at the last minute. Photo by Tomasz Bugajski.

August 1st

Caribana 2010

It's tough to do a year in Toronto photos without an image from Caribana. The parade was a little slower and disorganized than in year's past, but just as vibrant. Photo by eudaimon.

August 18th

Rob Ford Toronto

Despite being criticized for comments regarding immigrants to Toronto, Rob Ford was still smiling big by mid-August. By that time he had already taken a lead in the polls, and he wouldn't let it go. Photo by Tomasz Bugajski (originally taken in May).

August 30th

Buskerfest 2010 Toronto

And not to forget Buskerfest. Photo by Asianz.

September 7th

Election Signs Toronto

By September the leaves were starting to change, and the election already seemed as though it had dragged on forever. Photo by Scott Snider.

September 22nd

Super Harvest Moon

But at lease we were treated to a rare Super Harvest Moon. Photo by Andrew Snow.

September 24th

Fire 200 Wellesley

Just a few days later, the 24th floor of 200 Wellesley was consumed in flames, leaving significant damage to the building and stranding residents for months. Photo by Tomasz Bugajski.

October 1st

Nuit Blanche 2010 Toronto

Nuit Blanche 2010 Toronto

Nuit Blanche 2010 was alternately a hit or a bust, depending on who you talked to, but the photos still dazzled. Photos by Derek Flack (via the City of Toronto) and The CJM.

October 15th

TTC Rocket Subway

A first look at the TTC's new Rocket Subway trains. Photo by Derek Flack.

October 23rd

Toronto zombie walk 2010

The municipal election wasn't far from people's minds at the 2010 Zombie Walk. Photo by Roger Cullman.

November 13th

Dufferin Jog Underpass Toronto

By mid November, we got the scoop on the opening of the Dufferin Over/Underpass, and delighted in the end of the traffic calamity. Photo by Rick McGinnis.

November 14th

Fog Toronto

Toronto is completely engulfed in fog, and photographers stay up through the night to capture its eerie aesthetic effect. Photo by Natta Summerky

December 7th

Don Cherry Rob Ford

Rob Ford is sworn-in as mayor, and Don Cherry brings the circus to City Hall. Photo by Tim Shore.

December 21st

Lunar Eclipse Toronto

First a Super Harvest Moon and then a full Lunar eclipse. Pretty good for one year. Photo by Oscar Strawczynski

December 24th

Christmas Lights Toronto

We begin to wrap 2010 with the usual look at outlandish Christmas and Holiday lights around the city.

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