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Morning Brew: Smoker Nabbed, Pipes Leaking, Beaches Open

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

On Monday at 6pm, a driver was clocked doing 105km/h in a 50km/h zone - on the Bloor Street Viaduct (a section of road that utilizes marked bike lanes). How the driver managed to get up to that speed during rush hour traffic is a bit of a head-scratcher, but why he would feel compelled to do so is even more mind-boggling. Toronto Police have issued over 1000 driver suspensions under the speeding/stunt driving law since it was introduced in September 2007.

A Vaughan woman has the (dis)honour of being the first person in Ontario to be caught and ticketed for smoking in a car with children on board. The legislation came into effect over 4 months ago, which confirms what many have been saying all along - that it's a tough one to enforce.

Aging infrastructure is to blame for what a new study is revealing - that about one-quarter of treated water doesn't make it to our taps because of old, leaking pipes. It's claimed that Toronto sees about 25% losses (a figure that's disputed by the head of the city's water department), while our younger neighbour to the north, Vaughan, sees just 10% losses.

Most of Toronto's beaches have been opened for the summer season, although a few are testing too high for E. coli and remain closed. I've never swam (only waded) in Lake Ontario right off the shoreline of Toronto, but if I did, I'd be certain to keep my mouth held firmly closed the whole time.

The province is aiming to set strict standards for wind turbine deployment. For a single unit to be installed, it must be no closer than 550m from any home, and for clusters of turbines, that minimum required distance from dwellings increases. The new rules may put a quick end to plans aiming to add another turbine or two near the existing one at Exhibition Place.

When the gas station price board reads .02, it doesn't mean gas has plunged to 2 cents per Litre. Just in time for summer, gas prices are really close to rolling over $1/L, representing the highest price since back in October 2008.

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