unicorn patisserie toronto

Unicorn Patisserie

Unicorn Patisserie specializes in intricate French pastries and cakes. Every edible creation here is a work of art, and certainly looks like one too. 

Unicorn Patisserie torontoFront and centre here are an array of fruit-shaped cakes. This is a tren that apparently started in Paris around 2018. These small morsels are delicious  with flavours that taste like the fruit they represent.

unicorn patisserie torontoThe Apple of Eden ($10.75) is a light apple-shaped cake containing low-fat yogurt mousse and apple puree within a crisp chocolate apple outer shell. It's not too sweet, but it is satisfying.

Unicorn Patisserie torontoElle ($10.75) is a white chocolate mousse cake filled with Bartlett pear and lychee jelly within a Cacao Barry chocolate pear outer shell. 

Unicorn Patisserie torontoThe Encounter ($10.75) is filled with orange mousse, grapefruit, orange, and honey inside a crisp orange chocolate shell. 

Unicorn Patisserie torontoLa Bella ($10.75) is a complex 7-layer cake with pineapple mousse as its base flavour. 

Unicorn Patisserie torontoTo drink I liked the Sparkling Red ($4.99) which contains strawberry puree, mint, and sparkling water.

Unicorn Patisserie torontoFor tea lovers, Unicorn Patisserie serves Lupicia Tea, a popular and hard-to-find Japanese fresh tea brand.

unicorn patisserie torontoTheir Momo Oolong Tea ($9.99) is peach-flavoured and delicate, a perfect complement to their dainty pastries.

Unicorn Patisserie toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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