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Delysees has desserts down to a science, everything from cakes, to eclairs, and macarons are made and displayed as if they were pieces of jewellery. 

The desserts are delicately placed on trays inside of custom glass cases, similar to when buying a ring or watch, the trays slide out to remove them from the display cabinets. 

delysees torontoInside the case, is where the science happens, a set of lights are engineered to reflect specific colours on the design of each dessert. 

The temperature inside the cabinets remains exactly four degrees celsius, a little bit on the cooler side, to prevent desserts from becoming soggy. On rainy days, Delysees has to shut their front doors, because any extra humidity from the air can change the quality of the dessert. 

delysees torontoThe massive display case of desserts is the main attraction inside of Delysees boutique-style interior. The black and gold colour theme supports the luxurious vibe you feel when walking into the store. 

Before opening their Ossington location, Delysees had a store on King Street West, from 2013 to 2018. After that, they shifted to selling desserts wholesale and doing large-scale catering for hotels and weddings. 

delysees torontoWhen lockdowns hit in 2020, Owners Khariz and Fred Naggar lost half of their business, with events being barred from happening. Fred pays homage to his wife Khariz for saving the business, as it was her idea to shift operations strictly to online orders for delivery.  

It was definitely a change for both owners, but their motto was, "you gotta do, what you gotta do." Fred says he was on the road every day, driving for up to 10 hours a day, delivering cakes more than an hour outside of Toronto. 

delysees torontoAs lockdowns eased, the opportunity came for them to set up shop, at 131 Ossington Avenue, where an old Peace Collective store used to be. Khariz was in charge of the aesthetic and layout of the store and Fred managed the designs and make up of the desserts to sell. 

delysees torontoNow that they're in full operation, Delysees is what Lower Ossington needed. If you're craving something sweet after a big meal at Crosleys or Golden Turtle, you can head over to Delysees, to extend the night a bit longer. 

delysees torontoThe desserts at Delysees are curated to introduce different flavours depending on where your fork leads you. One flavour or texture isn't present all the way through, you get a taste of something new at each bite. 

delysees torontoThe Gustave Sour Apple ($8.95) has a mirror glaze, using gelatine, water, and sugar, resembling the shine of a real apple. An almond crust and crumble decorates the outside, with notes of vanilla. 

delysees torontoCitric acid is concentrated in the centre of the dessert to mimic flavours of a granny smith apple, minus the tartness, it's not too sweet. A puree of fresh green apples is mixed with madagascar vanilla to create the soft white interior. 

delysees torontoThe Fig Mascarpone Vanilla Tart ($9.95) balances between sweet and bitter. The flesh of the figs compliment well with the creamy centre, made from a whipping of mascarpone and vanilla. Layers of the cream sit on a sable crust created using french butter and almond flour. 

delysees torontoThe Bluberry Eclair ($6.50) is perfect for sweet tooths who just need a touch of sugar to satisfy their craving.

delysees torontoThe pastry is beautiful to look at from the inside and the outside, it's filled with an earl grey blueberry cream. On top, fresh edible flowers adorn the piles whipped creme en glace. 

delysees torontoMacarons come in a variety of flavours at Delysees, they can be bought in packs, such as a box of 12 for $37.50, or individually at $2.95 each. 

delysees torontoThe Strawberry Birthday Cake flavour is popular among kids, and definitely tastes like you're having a bite of a cake. Vanilla buttercream fills the inside and a pure strawberry reduction is used to create the make up of the macaron on the outside. 

The Perfect Roasted Hazlenut macaron is coated in milk chocolate ganache and melts in your mouth with each bite. The filling is a mix of roasted hazelnut cream, and a touch of nutella, which adds to its rich flavour.

delysees torontoThe beige exterior of Delysees sits in contrast with the coffee shop and clothing store that are housed beside it. Large windows scale the front of the store, for passerbys who often stop to peer inside at the display cases that catch their attention.

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Hector Vasquez 

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