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Toronto brewing company delivers beer in the coolest looking trucks

A Toronto brewing company is delivering beer with trucks that have a really cool look to them.  

You may have seen these psychedelic-like trucks roaming around the city, but may not know they actually belong to Henderson Brewing

The brewing company is located in the Junction Triangle, on Sterling Road, a spot where many graffiti artists frequented in the past, near the West Toronto Railpath. 

Due to this, Henderson's delivery trucks would often get spray-painted on by artists, says Adin Wener, a spokesperson for Henderson. 

Originally the trucks were just a plain white, but with all the different graffiti and artists' tags on them, they started to look tattered, says Wener. 

Kizmet Gabriel, known by his artist name as "Kizmet", grew up in the area and his murals can be found all around the Junction Triangle. 

Back in 2018, Henderson Brewing took note of Kizmet, after seeing his name tagged on top of the Tower Automotive Building, before it turned into the Museum of Contemporary Art, right near the brewery. 

"We thought if the trucks are already being graffitied on, why not showcase some local talent and create a mural out of them," said Wener. 

Henderson Brewing reached out to Kizmet who was given all the creative freedom to create murals on several of the company's delivery trucks. 

The designs on all the trucks feature a woman's face, sometimes just on its own, or in pairs of two or three, with no pupils, and a blend of spray-painted colours in between.

Kizmet tells blogTO that he referenced photos of female friends and family to come up with the look of each face, saying he loves anything sci-fi related, which is where the theme for each design came from. 

The truck murals were such a hit with the community that Henderson decided to feature a beer in honour of Kizmet, with one of his designs labelled on the bottle. 

Since then, Henderson Brewing and Kizmet say random people will send them photos or videos of the trucks driving around the city, with some being seen as far as Hamilton, Ont. 

Lead photo by

Kizmet Gabriel

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