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Toronto couple finds mysterious old horse drawing behind drywall of their house

With more time at home, people have found the time to work on renovations and cleaning projects, which has led to interesting discoveries including a childhood diary and a pink neon sign from an iconic Toronto restaurant.

Now to add to the list — a beautifully sketched horse drawing hidden behind the drywall in a Scarborough home.

Anusha Narendran said she and her husband Abhy moved into their home in the Meadowvale Lawrence area in 2012. They travel a lot so never had time to renovate but recently found time to work on the basement.

"We never upgraded the walls until recently," Narendran told blogTO. "Now due to lockdown, we are restricted…so that is how this project started."

The contractor discovered mould behind the walls so they decided to tear down the drywall to replace it all. Her contractor was working in the basement on Jan. 22, and she decided to walk down and take a look.

"I took a walk (downstairs) and I was like, 'wait a minute', I saw this drawing," she said. "I was quite surprised."

The sketch of a horse was drawn on the wall, still perfectly preserved.

The contractor told her, based on the material he had torn off, that the drawing had likely been there since the 1960s or 1970s.

"That is when the house was built," she said.

Narendran doesn't know the previous owners or the history of the home. It is in a ravine area, and the couple bought there because they liked the neighbourhood.

There was only the one horse, and no other drawings or unusual finds in the home.

"For us, it looks like this person must have been a real artist because of the way that horse was drawn," she said.

Now, the contractor has installed insulation and drywall over the wall, but Narendran would love to find out who drew the horse.

"I am just curious about this horse," she said.

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