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10 videos that'll make you fall in love with Toronto

If you had to go on official promotional videos for Toronto, you might not think a whole lot of this city. If, on the other hand, you broaden your reach and check out old music videos, art projects, timelapses and stop-motion sequences, it becomes immediately clear how spoiled we are for homages to this city. It's hard to watch any of these videos and not have at least some appreciation of Toronto, be it related to the city's beauty, its businesses, and its people. Hell, even the TTC looks fantastic in the sequences below. So if ever you're down on TO, here's a remedy.

These are 10 videos that'll make you fall in love with Toronto (all over again).

Toronto Tempo
Ryan Emond's "Toronto Tempo" might just have changed the way we view Toronto. How could one ever think of the city as bland place after watching this animated love letter. Sure, there had been timelapses of Toronto before, but this one set a new standard for how all such videos would be judged in the future.

City Rising
It's hard to imagine a more beautiful presentation of Toronto than Tom Ryaboi's "City Rising." Shot from various perches atop the city, the timelapse sequence is a reminder why rooftopping images remain so captivating, even as they've saturated our screens over the last few years.

Parachute Club - Rise Up
What to say? This is '80s pop perfection. In a video that befits the contagiousness of the song, the streets of Toronto rise up in celebration. Nostalgia at its finest.

Spoons - Romantic Traffic
The other '80s entry on this list is my favourite Toronto music video of all time. From the old red Gloucester subway trains to the big hair, it's the moodier version of "Rise Up," but every bit as gloriously nostalgic for anyone who remembers a time when Bloor Station still had yellow Vitrolite tiles.

At the End of Yonge St.
Ismail Atievand and Djabrail Tataev walked 42 kilometres south down Yonge Street from Wellington St. to Queens Quay in the space of 14 hours to shoot this hyperlapse. It's a whirlwind trip down Toronto's most iconic street and one of the more interesting video projects we've seen.

The Joy of Books
If ever you needed a reminder that independent bookstores are exciting places that make the city a more interesting place, this stop motion video from Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp turns TYPE Books into a secret bibliographic wonderland in the hours after all the customers have left.

Toronto - You belong here
While the video quality makes it look older, this promotional video for the city actually dates back to the early 2000s. It's a bit too feel-goody without the requisite slickness that you get from something like Planet Toronto, but there's something that remains endearing about the way it pumps up the city without completely losing itself to cliche.

Around the Loop
The concept is simple: Tyler Freedman traveled from Downsview to Finch on an early morning train with his camera pointed out the front of the train. The results are unexpectedly cool, particularly the stops at each station before the train rockets down the line.

Of Toronto
Set to Lover's Spit by Broken Social Scene, Gary Samson's "Of Toronto" slows it down and takes us on a tour of iconic Toronto at just the right pace to sit back and contemplate just how much there is to appreciate in this city.

Lightning TO
Toronto's had its fair share of spectacular lightning storms over the last few years, but I'm not sure that any of them have beaten the electric storm that hit us in August 2011. It was a bonanza. And filmmaker Jon Simonassi was on the ground to capture it all.

What did I miss? Let us know what your favourite Toronto video is in the comments.

Lead still from Tom Ryaboi's "City Rising"

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