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The top 10 cookie companies in Toronto

The top 10 cookie companies in Toronto work hard to make goods that are guaranteed to whet your appetites from cafe displays around the city; rare is the day when I'm able to resist the allure of a sugar-or-chocolate-chunk speckled cookie. Whether your particular weakness is decadent chocolate, festive cinnamon, or a simple, beautifully-executed shortbread, these cookie companies have you covered, and many of them even have proper storefronts or open-to-the-public bakeries, as well as selling pitch-perfect espresso-partners to cafes and restaurants.

Here are my top 10 cookie companies in Toronto.

Cookie Martinez
Cookie Martinez sets itself apart by going above and beyond your usual suspects, and offering cookies with a self-professed Latin flare. Baker Natalia drew inspiration her Colombian background, and infuses her homemade treats with guava and coconut, while her "cookie cafe," with Chocosol bittersweet chocolate, features fair trade Colombian coffee. Order directly from her ($19 for 6), or find her treats at Haven Espresso Bar.

Circles and Squares
Well-known (and much-loved), Circles and Squares' made-from-scratch and preservative-free cookies can be found at restaurants and cafes around the city, such as the Rooster and Lit Espresso Bar. All of their cookies ring in at $1.50, and are usually available in 10-12 flavours. The most popular among them are predictably the chocolate chip, and (one of my personal favourites) ginger molasses, but their toffee and chocolate has been catching up, along with a new sweet-and-savoury contender--the "kitchen sink."

Sweets from the Earth
Sweets from the Earth subscribes to the notion that those with dietary restrictions should still be able to enjoy a damn good cookie, and churns out a full line of vegan, dairy-gluten-and-wheat free, all-natural and certified-kosher baked goods. With two separate facilities (one nut-free, the other gluten-free), Sweets from Earth's cookies are simple--think flourless cashew cookies loaded with cashew butter, and a classic chocolate chip ($6 per box)--and delicious. Available at Manic, Hogtown Cure, and other locations.

Pow Cookie Company
Pow Cookie Co. offers three varieties of cookies for those with wheat and gluten sensitivities--the Blonde Pow (cardamom, orange peel and white chocolate), Gluten-free Pow (raw almonds, dark chocolate, and flax seeds), and Wheat-free Pow (dark chocolate, coconut, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon)--with more arriving soon. Available at Lil' Bean and Green and Broadview Espresso.

Robyn's Cookies
Robyn's Cookies grace the shelves of Pusateri's and McEwan, but can also be picked up directly from the source--her small, fragrant Yonge and Lawrence-area bakery and storefront. Special orders are welcome, but you can't beat the $10 bag of cookies, available in a range of flavours from the rich stilton, walnut and rosemary shortbread, to the oatmeal chocolate chip with 80% dark chocolate.

OMG Baked Goodness
With a solid roster of local retailers, and a fitting name (who among us hasn't taken the Lord's name in vain for a cookie), OMG has a full roll-call of chocolate (around $2.25), peanut butter, and soft ginger cookies, as well as espresso-ready biscotti. Available at Jimmy's Coffee and Lit, or directly from their storefront.

Queen B Pastry
I first spotted Queen B's famous flourless, butterless, walnut chocolate chip cookie at Dark Horse, and wryly noted "Then what's it made of; air?" To which the barista earnestly replied, "They're delicious." And it's true: they are. With just two cookie varieties (the other being a zesty blend of citrus and coconut, and also gluten-free), Queen B has populated Toronto cafes with improbable cookies: substantial, moist, and palatable even to those without gluten allergies.

Sweet Flour
Sweet Flour caters to backseat bakers with its 20 existing flavours (around $2.25) available on a rotating basis throughout the week, including two gluten-free options, all baked while you wait. Stop by their Bloor West Village outpost, and you'll be able to customize your very own cookies from a list of options including mini pretzels, dried figs, and potato chips (no judgement), or opt for the ever-popular cookie sandwich with spreads such as salted caramel. Find them at cafes such as Crema and Niche.

Desmond and Beatrice
Desmond and Beatrice might be best known for their cupcakes and cakes, but their cookies deserve credit. While they're available at cafes such as The Black Canary, Te Aro, and Green Beanery for around $2.25, you can also order the dough itself frozen and rolled direct from the source, so you can flood your home with the (let's face it) aphrodisiac scent of fresh-baked cookies. Choose from a wealth of options, including carrot cake breakfast cookies, cookies and cream, and (my drop-everything-and-salivate weakness) coconut macaroons.

Plum Bun Bakery
The brainchild of Ashleigh Ryan, Plum Bun focuses on vegan baked goods, and supplies local businesses such as Sadie's and Intergalactic Travel Authority. All cookies eschew refined sugars, are preservative-free, and made with alternative flours, and the mouthwatering roster ranges from oatmeal raisin ($1.25), to a spiced ginger cookie, to a lavender shortbread cookie with coconut icing.

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