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You can now take a bus from Toronto to Peterborough and it's super cheap

For less than the cost of the gas it would take to drive two hours down the highway, you can now hop on a bus from Toronto to Peterborough, Ontario — gateway to the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region — and sleep, read, work, study or scroll (we all know it's going to be scroll) the time away with no stress.

As reported by Global News this week, a new bus service beginning on Friday, Nov. 11, will take patrons directly from Toronto to Peterborough, no transfers required, for less than $30.

Saskatchewan's Rider Express, which expanded into Ontario last year, will depart from Toronto's Union Station to historic Peterborough for the first time this Friday at 11:15 a.m.

Aside from a quick stop in Scarborough, the route will be direct, arriving in the city of just over 80,000 people by 1 p.m. that afternoon.

The bus continues on from there all the way to Ottawa, where it's set to arrive at 4:40 p.m., but the Toronto-Ottawa trip has different departure and arrival times depending on which day of the week you're travelling.

The bus stopping in Peterborough, specifically, is only running on Fridays and Sundays to start, though demand might dictate the route's further expansion in the future.

Those who wish to take the bus from Peterborough to Toronto on Fridays and Sundays can now do so for the same cheap rate of $28.57, but the departure is quite a bit later; You'll leave the pickup point at 721 Ashburnham Dr. in Peterborough at 9:50 p.m., according to the schedule, and arrive in downtown Toronto around 11:30 p.m.

Launched in 2017, Rider Express says it is currently "running the longest distance in Western Canada among its peers in intercity bus services," and plans to add new routes to its network regularly.

"We continuously grow our fleet of buses with newer models to offer a more reliable and comfortable experience," reads the company's website. 

While they currently also go to the Niagara Region from Toronto, there's nothing from Rider Express into Southwestern Ontario at this time. Fingers crossed that changes in the future and that fares to Windsor are just as inexpensive as those to Ottawa.

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