camp reset ontario

You can go to a choose-your-own-adventure digital detox camp near Toronto this fall

A four-day digital detox program is returning to Ontario this September, just in case you were trying to find a way to weasel out of an uncomfortable wedding without guilt-trip phone calls, or maybe you need a really convincing alibi for whatever schemes you have up your sleeve.

Even if neither of those very specific situations applies, adulting is hard, especially with all those stressful notifications fading the already blurry line between your work and personal life.

Sure, you can book off time at a resort or travel halfway across the globe, but as long as you have that ever-present phone nearby, peace is fleeting at best.

From Sept. 15 through 18, Camp Reset will return to Camp Walden near Bancroft, Ontario, offering what it describes as "a four-day choose-your-own-adventure adult digital detox experience with a focus on digital wellness, play, and justice."

camp reset ontario

Digital detox programs have been around since constant connectivity complicated our restful respites, and they're only growing in popularity in this era of frequent Zoom meetings and after-hours notifications, offering working people a way to completely unplug from the stresses of the real world.

Operating since 2015, Camp Reset sets out to accomplish this digital cleanse through a set of core principles: no personal tech, no work talk, no real names, and no talking about Fight Club.

Okay, fine, I made that last one up.

camp reset ontarioThe exclusive retreat is only available to up to 250 campers per season aged 21+, who will have to cough up anywhere between $150 and $750 (priced on an inclusive sliding scale) to get in on the self-imposed connectivity blackout.

camp reset ontario

For that kind of dough, campers get an experience that organizers say can "release themselves from the labels and distractions of everyday life in exploration of a deeper, more liberating experience."

"Campers start phone-free, but finish with reduced stress, a full heart, new friends, and some irreplaceable memories," reads a statement for the camp.

camp reset ontario

During the 72-hour stay, campers will have access to optional activities like silent disco parties, campfires, swimming and aquatic sports, treasure hunts, communal meals, stargazing without the light pollution of the big city, and more activities that recreate the camping experience many remember from their childhoods.

Or you could just do nothing and sit on a dock with a thousand-yard stare. That would definitely be my go-to option.

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