niagara falls frozen

Niagara Falls has started to freeze over and it's so beautiful right now

Extreme cold weather is one of the downsides of Canadian winters since they can literally turn your eyelashes into icicles. 

Although the freezing temperatures suck, some cool things only happen when it's well below zero degrees like natural ice sculptures, a frozen harbour, and an icy waterfront.

If you want to check out a rare world wonder that becomes even more breathtaking in the winter, head over to Niagara Falls, only an hour away from Toronto.

The frozen falls are a spectacle to see every winter, with visitors bracing the cold to see the view.

All though it may seem like a winter wonderland from the comfort and warmth behind your computer screens, it's not the ideal weather to go for a walk in unless you're completely bundled up head to toe.

The water at Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the falls is still running despite the frigid temperatures. 

Photographers have braced the cold to take some photos of the falls covered with snow and ice.

I mean who wouldn't want to see this frozen view for themselves.

Some have even gone under the (approved parts of the) falls to get some epic shots.

Remember to layer up before heading out or you might also freeze over just like the falls.

Lead photo by Cosmin.bun

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