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The Best of the Newer Cheap Eats Restaurants in Toronto

The restaurant business in Toronto, much like in most cities the world over, can be a relatively volatile scene. Old favourites continue to shine, but some also suffer sad, seemingly untimely deaths. Some new places open and within a few months fail, while others become thriving, trendy hot spots within no time at all.

This diverse list of some the best of the newer restaurants in Toronto (those that opened in 2007) in the cheap eats category (entrees under $15) highlights those that garnered the attention and adoration of diners who come hungry and leave satisfied.

All are deserving of a congratulatory nod. If you haven't yet given them all a try, perhaps a mini Toronto "cheap eats circuit" is in the cards.

Lead photos left to right by Frank and Jerrold respectively.



Banjara brings generous portions at great prices to the Christie Pitts area. This new Indian restaurant features flavourful vegetable curries (the Chana in particular has tickled our fancy) smooth and spicy paneers, and fresh Naan. Word has it their butter chicken is a must have as well.

RaviSoups on Adelaide

RaviSoups on Adelaide

When you think about the corner of Adelaide and John, soup is probably not the first thing that comes to mind ? unless you?ve experienced RaviSoups, that is. The ?soup master? purees lentils, artichokes, mushrooms, and other fine ingredients to create gourmet soups that make it a hot destination for a quick and healthy lunch.

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The Best of the Newer Cheap Eats Restaurants in Toronto

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