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Rogers is getting blasted on social media yet again after latest service outage

It's been just over a year since a Rogers service outage sent the entire country into a chaotic spiral, and like clockwork, another outage on Wednesday left an estimated 30,000 customers in southern Ontario without internet. 

While Rogers reported that service was fully restored by Thursday evening, their response wasn't quick enough to stop the onslaught of frustrated customers taking to social media to vent about the incident. 

What's clear is that the confusion and disappointment is widespread across the Rogers customer base, but there are a few jokesters out there taking a more comedic approach to the situation.

Unfortunately, the reality for most customers is that these outages are costly and exhausting ordeals, made more taxing by the frequency at which they continue to occur. 

Working from home becomes impossible, getting assistance from Rogers becomes more difficult than getting on the phone with the CRA, and people aren't being made aware of any efforts towards coming up with preventative strategies. 

The root cause of the outage this time, however, wasn't exactly something that could have been prevented. 

According to Rogers, a fibre cable near Highway 7 was damaged by a vehicle, and required repairs that involve reconnecting thousands of tiny fibre strands that had been severed. 

Still, what customers are looking for from their internet providers is reliability, and this latest interruption is yet another example of the opposite.

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