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Uber brings back discounted ride-sharing option to Toronto after three years

Cheap-O Uber users rejoice! A much-loved discount ride-sharing option is now back in full action for the first time since 2020.

UberPool has been rebranded as UberX Share, offering riders an upfront discount of 20 per cent and an additional 5 per cent discount with an Uber One membership.

UberX Share is poised to be bigger and better than its previous iteration, as Uber has tested, redesigned and troubleshot through various pilots.

Uber's rebranded cheaper option is touted by the ride-hailing service as beneficial in reducing vehicle emissions, moving more people across the city with fewer cars.

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This is the zone where riders can be requested, though destinations outside of the city are still allowed. 

For those who may think using a shared ride will cost them time-wise, Uber claims that on average, UberX Share only adds six additional minutes to your trip.

In case three years of living without Uber Pool has totally erased your memory, when you open the app you will see an option to select UberX Share alongside familiar options like UberX and UberXL.

Clicking on that option will prompt a new screen explaining how the trip works (and how it will match you with co-riders along the way). Once you confirm the trip, the app will match you with a driver and other riders. 

Remember, these shared trips are for solo riders only, one trip equals one seat. That means do not bring a plus-one! 

Uber is also asking you to trust the process and not to get annoyed if someone who joined the trip after you gets dropped off first - "it's about an efficient route," they say. 

Unfortunately, Toronto is rated among one of the worst Canadian cities for passenger reviews. 

This ride option is available as of Wednesday morning, and trips can be requested across the city. 

Me, personally, I can't wait to drunkenly spill my deepest, darkest secrets to a total strange in an Uber.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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