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Toronto Uber passengers were just ranked among the worst in all of Canada

If you've ever found yourself waiting for an Uber in Toronto and scoffed at a driver's less-than-perfect rating on the app, know that it's a two-way street.

Passengers are also subject to Uber's one-to-five-star rating system, and it turns out that Toronto riders are some of the most insufferable in all of Canada.

Uber Canada released a list of the top five best and worst cities for passenger ratings, and it looks like Toronto's reputation as a mini-New York full of rude people in a hurry has reared its ugly head again, as we find ourselves near the bottom of the rankings.

It was a poor showing for Toronto, with only one city ranking below us for worst Uber passengers. Ottawa ranked the lowest, while Montreal, London, and Hamilton Uber riders all collectively ranked above Toronto's.

Can you honestly say that you're surprised, though?

The top five list for best passengers is populated by smaller cities, with Saskatoon, SK now able to boast being home to the best-ranked Uber riders in all of Canada, followed by Red Deer, AB, Abbotsford, BC, Brantford, ON, and Lethbridge, AB.

If you're wondering why you've found yourself with an abysmal Uber rating, the rideshare service is offering tips on how to improve your awful star count, as shared by the drivers doling out these ratings.

Though, honestly, some of these are basic common courtesies that you really shouldn't need to be learning from a statement issued by a corporation.

These include painfully obvious things like actually being outside waiting when the driver arrives, not leaving a mess in a stranger's car, treating drivers with respect, and not slamming car doors.

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