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An Ontario TikToker's useless farm has millions tuning in to see her goofy animals

An Ontario TikToker has become one of the app's most beloved animal handlers, collecting over 4 million followers and 130 million likes as people to tune in and laugh at her collection of "useless" pets.

Running a farm north of Kingston, Ontario, that has been affectionely dubbed the "Useless Farm," wife and husband pair Amanda and Adam find themselves taking care of alpacas, emus, horses, a donkey, and 13 peacocks —  a collection of animals that don't exactly provide the typical farming experience.

The most notorious of these animals is an emu, appropriately named Karen, who seems to go out of her way to attack Amanda at every opportunity despite being rescued and taken care of on the farm.

Another popular animal is the silkie rooster Brad, who in one video Amanda describes as a "miserable little prick" when he attacks her legs upon stepping outside.

Despite the playful hostility, there's clearly a lot of love being given to all of the animals on Adam and Amanda's farm, both from the couple taking care of them as well as millions online who want to see daily updates from these lovable weirdo critters.

The TikToks even get hilariously playful, turning into town hall-type comedy sketches with several animals making an appearance.

Of course, Karen often comes in to help provide the wonderfully vulgar punchline.

The farm even has a website where visitors can learn more about each animal within their hilarios bios.

For example, one may learn that Craig the alpaca is a retired neurosurgeon whose son dreams of being a professional unicyclist.

There's also a Useless Farm shop that offers memorabilia such as sweaters and peacock feathers. 

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