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Toronto tested the futuristic self-driving shuttle and people were excited

People came out to see Toronto's self-driving, West Rouge Automated Shuttle during a test run recently and the micro shuttle proved popular.

A "meet the shuttle" event drew area residents who snapped photos and got a close-up look at the new vehicle.

The electric shuttle is a trial project from the City of Toronto, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), and Metrolinx.

The free shuttle will connect people to Rouge Hill Go Station, the West Rouge Community Centre and Rouge National Urban Park. This route was selected because many people drive to the urban park from the GO Station.

The shuttle is a low-speed automated vehicle named Olli 2.0, which produces zero emissions and is mostly self-driving.

A human attendant will always be on board to take over driving if needed, according to the city.

The shuttle is also accessible with a mobility ramp, wheelchair securements and announcements inside and outside the vehicle.

The shuttle is doing on-road testing in September and October, with passenger service planned to begin soon. But the city has no plans to make this project permanent or scale up the use of automated shuttles right now.

The idea is to "experience first-hand how it feels to ride on an automated vehicle, and to interact with it on public roads."

"Automated vehicles have the potential to reshape and redefine our transportation network," the city website notes.

Once testing is complete, people will be required to make an advance booking to ride the shuttle on the website.

The service may extend until the end of February 2022, depending on how the vehicle performs in winter weather conditions.

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City of Toronto

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