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The top 10 Pokemon Go PokeStops in Toronto

PokeStops in Toronto are what you need to find if your new favourite pastime is running through the 6ix catching Pokemon. Don't know where your favourite Pokemon spawn? Check out the Pokemon Go map, or hit up one of the hottest PokeStops below.

Here's a round-up of some of the hottest PokeStops in Toronto right now.

Nathan Phillips Square
For water Pokemon, you should obviously head to bodies of water. And if you don't want to get caught up in the ferry terminal or Harbourfront madness, you can check out the reflecting pool at Nathan Phillips Square because it apparently spawns Polywhirl and Seadra.

The Financial District
This neighbourhood is lit up with lures. Apparently when office-workers get bored of the cubicle life, they head outside and go poke-hunting. At lunch hour, I parked myself outside of Momofuku (the Shangri-La Lobby is a Pokestop) and caught Spearows and Pidgeys with a bunch of some finance bros.

Mel Lastman Square
If you live in North York, walk up and down Yonge Street and hit Empress Walk and Mel Lastman Square. There are plenty of PokeStops, rare(ish) Pokemon and fewer people than downtown.

Sneaky Dee's
Go for the Pokemon, stay for the nachos. This legendary Toronto watering hole is also a Pokestop - is there anything better than catching Pokemon while eating nachos? Probably not.

Toronto's Village of Murals
For all you west end PokeMasters, head to the John Kuna murals on Dundas Street West between Islington and Kipling instead of venturing downtown. Apparently the area's filled with Pokestops and gyms.

Jack Layton Ferry Terminal
If you want to catch Pokemon and some new friends IRL too, this is the place to. The Harbourfront was absolutely teeming with trainers this weekend, and it looks like people are continuing to head lakeside, especially if they want to catch Dragonite.

CN Tower
Toronto's tallest landmark is also its most sought-after gym. This place attracts trainers like moths to flames and it's also home to numerous lure parties.

Guild Park
Scarborough may not be the pest place to go Poke-hunting, but this green space is probably one of your best bets.

Queen's Park and University of Toronto
There's lots of ground to cover here (if you walk around Queen Park a few times, you can hatch a 5-kilometre egg). Take a stroll through one of the prettiest places in the city and throw some Poke balls along the way.

Eaton Centre
Along with the mall, the nearby Church of The Holy Trinity is a concentrated spot, meaning lots of PokeStops, lures and Pokemon. Pick up some new clothes and fill up your Pokedex as you shop.

Add more popular PokeStops to the comments.

Photo by Tom Podolec in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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