Gamercamp 2011

Five reasons to attend Gamercamp Lv3

Popular discourse would deem "to find a girlfriend" certainly not among the top five reasons to attend Gamercamp this year, though I'd call that stereotype is a tired one. Gamercamp LV3 is happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, bringing together players of all creeds to bask in game-related knowledge and joy. While the idea alone should be enough to seduce the 3 p.m. pajama-clad from their basement virtual worlds, here are a few additional reasons for those who are sitting on the (security fence).

1. Seth Cooper
His name means something to people beyond those just in the gaming world. Seth Cooper is the co-creator and lead developer of FoldIt, a protein folding game that has helped scientists make recent breakthroughs in the study of AIDS. He is also a keynote speaker at Gamercamp LV3, and will be be giving two talks on how gaming can help to solve real-life problems.

2. Recess.TO
A chance to return to your former glory, which was inevitably stolen after that Grade 3 game of Red Rover went sour. Hosted Sunday at George Brown College, Recess.TO offers a chance to partake in grown-up versions of childhood favourites, as well as test out some new experimental games. Cheaters will be subject to traditional playground punishment.

3. 8-Bit Cereal Breakfast
Sunday morning at Gamercamp is the ever-popular 8-Bit Cereal Breakfast, designed with nostalgia and retro sugary cereals in mind. Aimed at reliving those epic childhood mornings, Gamercamp will be bringing in more than 20 kilos of cereal and 100 litres of milk, to be enjoyed alongside big screen projections of Pinky & the Brain and other classics. FInally, a chance to wear that with-feet onesie.

4. Play-Test Zone
It would be cruel to spend three days talking about gaming without actually trying some out. The Play-Test Zone allows participants to try out works in progress, as well as bring along their own projects to test out on the masses. Will the next Skyrim be found in the Zone? There's also an Emerging Artists Shocase held at the Bathurst Street Theatre on Saturday.

5. Retro Rec Room
Frogger is not dead. Nor are many of your other favourite vintage games. The Retro Rec Room has everything that will surely remind you just how old you've become, including games from the Atari 2600and Kinect, plus CRT TVs.

Photo of Gamercamp 2010 by Gavin Hay

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