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Blue Jays fans have consumed hundreds of thousands of hot dogs in just 4 games

Toronto Blue Jays fans are taking their love of hot dogs to new heights (or lows, depending on your outlook) this season, collectively wolfing down a tally in the hundreds of thousands after only four Loonie Dogs Night promotions in 2023.

As the name plainly implies, the promotion lets attendees fill up on cheap $1 hot dogs, a one-or-twice-a-month monument to Western excess celebrated and even cosplayed by adoring fans.

Fans added almost 50,000 hot dogs to the season total in the fourth Loonie Dogs Night of 2023 on Wednesday. This was, somehow, the lowest total of the season, falling well shy of the record surpassing 61k set on May 16, when a crowd of over 35k demolished dogs at a rate of 1.74 per person.

Wednesday's frenetic frankfurter-finishing fracas brings this season's total up to 215,650 hot dogs consumed by 127,038 fans, for a glizzy-gulping rate of 1.7 tubes of processed meat per person per game.

If you're having trouble picturing what close to a quarter-million hot dogs looks like, I can help put that into perspective for you.

At the average hot dog length of 15 centimetres, this season's four-game total adds up to 32.347 km of end-to-end hot dog, enough distance to span from the CN Tower in downtown Toronto, all the way north to King City.

Or maybe you visualize better by weight? At 21,565 lbs of hot dog weight, you would need five full-grown giraffes to balance the scales.

In another alarming statistic, fans are already roughly halfway toward the full-season total set in 2022 of 444,854 hot dogs.

Another six Loonie Dogs Night promotions are planned throughout the remainder of the season, and even if numbers remain below 50k in the coming hot dog feeding frenzies, fans are still well on track to shatter the standing gluttony record from the season before.

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