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These Toronto Blue Jays nickname suggestions are probably not going to happen

It may only be a few weeks into a marathon MLB season, but, for now, the Toronto Blue Jays are top dogs in the fiercely-contested American League East, and the baseball world has taken notice.

Driven by a core of young talent that includes the likes of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette, the Jays have a bright future that had the MLB Network asking its Twitter following of 1.8 million, "Give us a nickname for the young Blue Jays core."

It was really a simple question, but Twitter is a complicated place, so what we got was a mix of hilarity, sarcasm, and good old-fashioned shade.

A few were quick to point out that the Jays' young core already had a nickname, but that wasn't enough to derail the tweet thread.

If we're renaming the core, why not future-proof things and go the same route as the now-former Ryerson University?

Of course, it was a Yankee fan who came out swinging, the team's consistently obnoxious fanbase and centre-of-the-universe mentality shining through once again. But it was a famed (fictional) former Yankees employee (if you know, you know) who came to our defence.

Our federal vaccine policy and the Jays' fully-vaccinated status were the targets of playful jabs, pun very much intended.

There were plenty of other fun suggestions, but a few stood out from the pack.

Fans' high hopes for the team had more than a few suggesting that we skip the playful nicknames and preemptively crown the Blue Jays champions, but being a sports fan in Toronto can be a tragic existence, and need I remind you that we are barely underway in a marathon season.

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