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Toronto Maple Leafs players show off their ridiculous food-themed costumes

It may be the spookiest season, but Toronto Maple Leafs players were celebrating Halloween with some decidedly un-scary costumes at their annual team party earlier in October.

The Leafs have made a bigger spectacle of the event in past seasons, but with the wounds of a crushing playoff defeat still relatively fresh, and a rocky start to the new season, this year's party was a low-key affair.

No frights this year, as this party was food-themed. Players and their significant others posed for pics for their IG stories, showing off some hilariously delicious and flat-out weird couples costumes.

Leafs netminder Jack Campbell and partner Ashley Sonney dressed up as a deconstructed Red Lobster linguine, a running gag stemming from the goalie's Happy Gilmore obsession.

Defenseman Jake Muzzin and his wife Courtney dressed as bread and a banana, which isn't quite the recipe for banana bread but we'll take it.

Leafs' forward Mitch Marner and partner Stephanie LaChance dressed as the "Burger King" and "Dairy Queen" while their pooch Zeuss was either the Taco Bell dog or just a taco. Either way, bonus points for involving the doggo.

Left-winger Nick Ritchie and his girlfriend Erica duked it out as the Wendy's girl and Colonel Sanders, battling for chicken sandwich dominance.

In a hilarious instance of poor costume coordination, or maybe just battling egos, Alexander Kerfoot also chose Sanders as his costume. Ilya Mikheyev gets slight originality points for going as a bucket of KFC, but his wife's costume as (yet again) Colonel Sanders brings the total to three colonels at this one party.

Defenseman Justin Holl and wife Audrey dressed as an ear of corn and a stick of butter to become the famed combo of buttered corn. Hailing from Minnesota, a top producer of sweet corn, we're guessing this was a nod to his Midwestern roots.

They may not be as trendy as the Squid Game costumes everyone is racing to get, or as dedicated to the role as Raptors star Scottie Barnes channelling the Heath Ledger-era Joker, but these couples costumes are much more likely to trigger your "awww" reflex.

Lead photo by 1jackcampbell

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