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This is the guy who takes TikToks on the roller coasters at Canada's Wonderland

A Toronto TikToker is going viral for showing what it's like to ride in the front seat of roller coasters at Canada's Wonderland

For anyone who's dropping 245 feet at a 90 degree angle, there's definitely tons of screaming, probably some swearing, and hoping that you still have your life at the end of the ride. 

But 15-year-old Yahia Adam, is fearless, most of his videos show him vlogging his casual reactions when going down the drop on rides like the Yukon Striker, the Leviathan and the Behemoth. 

Adam hopes to one day collaborate with Canada's Wonderland to get sponsored for his videos, although it seems that likely won't happen anytime soon. 

Wonderland told blogTO that for safety reasons, phones must be fully secured at all times, and so filming on rides is strictly prohibited.

The first roller coaster video Adam ever posted was in July 2021 and it got over 16 million views basically overnight on TikTok. 

The video was filmed spontaneously, right as the ride began, Adam was concerned about his phone falling from his pocket, so he transferred it to his hands and that's when he thought, "why don't I just record this happening?" 

Adam immigrated from Egypt when he was five-years-old and always admired the theme parks he would visit there with his family, but was never tall enough to ride on any of the coasters. 

Four years after coming to Canada, he rode his first coaster, the Behemoth, at the age of nine-years-old. 

From there, Adam says he fell in love with the adrenaline of the ride, and kept returning every summer to the theme park to ride more. 

When asked how he's able to be casual about riding in the front row, Adam says his body has gotten used to the adrenaline, now that he's gone on the Wonderland roller coasters so many times. 

After his first TikTok blew up, Adam says he saw the potential to get more views by continuing a series of the same types of videos. 

Adam says people gravitate towards his videos because of the point of view it's being filmed in, he's gotten many comments from people, even those outside of Canada, talking about how adrenaline-inducing it is to watch his videos. 

Adam lives in Mississauga, and frequently takes the bus to Wonderland, just so he can get the content he needs for his video series. 

The TikToker now has over 63,000 followers on the app, that continues growing each day. 

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Yahia Adam 

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