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Shaq says Toronto has the most attractive women out of any city with an NBA team

Women in Toronto are like, really pretty, and nobody talks about it enough — possibly because we're too polite to brag, possibly because we take the disproportionately high number of good looking people in this city for granted.

But don't take my clearly-biased word for it; take the word of a man who has spent much of his life travelling to different cities around the world, where gorgeous women would (and probably still do) throw themselves at him every day.

NBA superstar-turned-actor, analyst and businessman Shaquille O'Neil chose none other than The 6ix when asked during a recent podcast appearance about beautiful chicks on the NBA circuit.

"You've played for a lot of NBA teams. Where were the like most attractive women?" asked American comedian Salim the Dream of Shaq on an episode of the Full Send Podcast released last week. 

"Like, what city or like, you know, team—"

Shaq didn't even hear the end of the question before interjecting with a confident "Toronto and Dallas." He then tacked New York, Miami, and later Los Angeles onto the list.

"Toronto, you think?" asked another podcast host who appeared slightly bewildered, to which Shaq replied: "Yeah. Oh yeah. Toronto is off the chain."

While the former pro basketball player has now retired from playing, Shaq, 49, is still regarded as one of the best NBA players in history. He has lived in New Jersey, where he was born, as well as Baton Rouge, Orlando, LA, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston — and that was all prior to 2011.

When asked on the podcast which type of women he preferred — specifically Black women or white women — O'Neal came out with a wise remark about something he later explained took a long time to realize as a pro-athlete.

"I'm into nice. Nice people." he said. "My thing is that if you treat people with honour and respect,  nothing can go wrong."

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