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Former Raptor Danny Green’s new tattoo shows he is still madly in love with Toronto

NBA shooting guard, former Raptor and 2019 NBA championship winner Danny Green has an ongoing love affair with Toronto, a well-documented, long-term bond that seems only to be getting stronger two years after his short stint in the city.

Danny Green only played one season in the city, joining the squad in a blockbuster trade that also brought the now-legendary Kawhi Leonard to Canada.

It was a season no Toronto sports fan will ever forget, and one that Green will now be reminded of daily for the rest of his life, thanks to a tattoo that just might be the biggest show of love an NBA player has ever given the 416.

Green's new tattoo pays homage to Canada's largest city and only NBA franchise, and it's only fitting that he chose a Canadian tattoo artist, Steve Wiebe, out of Abbotsford, BC, to design his tribute to the Raptors.

After winning a championship during his only season in Toronto, Green lingered in the city for months, making several public appearances following his confirmed signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It seemed he was having a bit of trouble letting go of his temporary home north of the border, and fans were just as reluctant to see him move on.

Green would join the ranks of a select few players, winning back-to-back championships with different teams after going the distance with Lebron James' Lakers in 2020.

It speaks volumes about Green's love for the city that even with this more recent championship ring from his year in Los Angeles, it was Toronto that he chose to commemorate for his full sleeve tattoo. His recent Lakers championship tattoo is much smaller.

The tattoo includes a mix of Raptors and Toronto/Canada-themed imagery, with the CN Tower superimposed over the Raptors' trademark claw tear, a roaring velociraptor clutching the Larry O'Brien Trophy, a maple leaf, and numbers "6" and "'19" to commemorate the place and year of the championship.

Danny Green ended up in Philadelphia for the 2021 season, but could not pull off the extremely rare three-team, three-peat with the 76ers — a feat accomplished by his former Raptors teammate Patrick McCaw in 2019.

Green re-signed with Philadelphia early in August on a two-year contract, meaning his return to Toronto any time soon is doubtful.

Still, he remains a fan favourite in Toronto even over two years since that championship-winning game where he last wore a Raptors jersey on the court.

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