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Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty tries to visit team and ends up in wrong Toronto

The Philadelphia Flyers' mascot was in for quite a surprise this weekend when he decided to head over to Toronto to visit the members of his team, who are currently quarantined inside the NHL bubble, but instead ended up in Toronto, Ohio.

Gritty wrote on Twitter Sunday that he was on his way to Toronto to pay a visit to the Flyers, and he immediately began documenting his journey on the social media platform. 

The orange creature first posted a video of himself skipping rocks on what he believed to be the Niagara River, though anyone who's ever seen the real thing would know Gritty had already made the first of many missteps.

"Where are the wooderfalls tho?" he wrote.

Gritty then announced that he had made it to Toronto, but he posted a photo of himself posing next to a very different Toronto sign than the iconic one at Nathan Phillips Square. 

Clearly the beloved mascot was in the wrong place, but it took him quite a while to discover that he was actually 547 km away from Toronto in a tiny town in the Midwest.

He later posted even more footage of his trip through the town, which has a population of just over 5,000 people, and he did acknowledge that it looked a little different than what he expected of Canada's largest city.

Slowly, the mascot seemed to catch on that he may have made a wrong turn somewhere along the line. 

And if the look of the place didn't give it away, the pole flying the American flag certainly did. 

"I've made a terrible mistake," Gritty wrote as he caught on to what most of his Twitter followers already knew by that point. "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

He then tried to reach Commissioner Gary Bettman for some help, but to no avail.

Poor Gritty then declared that he was "so lost," and another video posted online this morning shows the giant creature attempting to hitchhike back to Philadelphia to cheer on the team from home. 

"Some may say I made mistakes, but I'm a better mascot for this," Gritty said in a statement released by the Flyers following the hilarious mishap.

"The quest continues. To quote my old friend Bono 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for.'"

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