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You can snuggle with dwarf goats on this farm near Toronto

From puppy yoga to cat cafes, it seems there is a growing trend sweeping across the GTA of combining cuddly animals with leisurely activities. And, with reports claiming that spending time with pets can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, these activities also offer a pretty powerful mental health boost as well. 

Located just one hour outside Toronto in Newtonville, Haute Goat is one of the latest farms to jump on this craze, with their insanely popular Goat Shmurgle. This experience will take you behind-the-scenes on the farm, where you will meet and mingle with the resident alpacas, chickens and horses, before moving on to the main attraction - the goats.

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Nearly 25 Nigerian dwarf goats will explode out of the gates, dancing in excitement for the walk you will lead them on (with guides) through the rolling hills on the 200-acre property.

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You'll spend about 45 minutes hiking through the flower fields with mini goats at your feet. Next comes the "shmurgling." This means, the goats will literally treat you like a climbing playground, resulting in cuteness overload and some pretty epic selfies. 

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The session will then end with some delicious samples of local goat cheeses, or you can even add a yummy farm lunch to your afternoon. 

Goat Shmurgles only run on Wednesday and Sunday, and tickets are $25 per person, which you can purchase on the website.

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If you loved the idea of cuddling with the goats, you'll definitely want to check out the other workshops Haute Goat hosts like the 'Milk a Goat - Make Goat Cheese' event that is happening throughout all of October. 

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