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The top 10 patios on The Danforth

The top patios on The Danforth will have you enjoying the hustle and bustle of the east end. Offering up everything from rooftop terraces to casual backyard barbecues, there's something for everyone.

Here, in no particular order, are my picks for the the top patios on The Danforth.

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The Only
The back patio at The Only is a neighbourhood staple that attracts an eclectic crowd. With plenty of space and an expansive beer menu (230 bottles and cans, 25 craft beers on tap), this patio is tried and true option.

Sarah's Cafe and Bar
If you're closer to the east end of Danforth, Sarah's is probably your best option. A community favourite, this sidewalk patio features laid-back decor and a roof overhead that will keep you enjoying the outdoors even if a sun shower starts up.

Pizzeria Libretto
Pizza Libretto is where to go if you want to get a slice of street action with your meal. The cozy front patio is barely separated from the street, giving diners a prime view of the area.

danforth patios

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ
Every neighbourhood needs a backyard barbecue spot for the summer and Greenwood Smokehouse is the top pick for the Danforth. This back patio is complete with picnic table seating, exposed piles of chopped wood, and the strong scent of barbecue.

Globe Bistro
Want a more upscale option? Globe Bistro has got you covered. This sophisticated rooftop is unlike anywhere else in Greektown. Flaunting its own cocktail bar, plush bench seating and plenty of privacy created by a high wooden wall, this terrace looks like it belongs much closer to the downtown core.

If you're looking to escape the busy streets of the Danforth, head to the greenery-filled back patio at Allen's. Free from obnoxious branded umbrellas, the backyard gets its shade from large surrounding trees.

Combine Eatery
No time to escape the city this summer? This backyard brings the feel of cottage life to the city. Surrounded by a high wooden fences and tables, you'll feel more like you're in a cabin than a restaurant. Order up some southwest fare and enjoy your brief escape from the urbanity.

7 Numbers
7 Numbers is where to get your fix of Italian fare in the area. The patio is right on the street so you can enjoy the bustle of the street while sipping your pinot or eating your penne.

danforth patios

The no-frills patio behind Sauce offers a casual spot to kick back when the sun comes out. Complete with it's own bar, you don't need to travel far to grab your next pint.

Factory Girl
With two patios, it's no surprise that Factory Girl is one of the most popular options come summertime. The sidewalk patio is a great option for people watching while the backyard offers a laid back escape from the busy street.

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