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The top 10 room escape games in Toronto

Escape games in Toronto have brought the massive gaming trend from Asia to our home turf. The real-world games imprison participants in a room and then force them to hunt for clues around the game environment, using logic and teamwork to free themselves in a race against the clock.

Here are my picks for the top room escape games in Toronto.

Real Escape Game

With two downtown locations, this was one of first escape rooms to arrive on the scene in Toronto and remains one of the city's best. Each new game they add is consistently engaging, with high-quality puzzles and stories.

Escape Games

Located just a stone's throw away from Downsview Station, Escape Games bills itself as the largest escape facility in North America, at 10,000 square feet. It may also be one of the most intense, with a heavy focus on realistic props and settings.

Mystery Room

With locations in Chinatown, Richmond Hill and near Downsview station, Mystery Room has games that are ordered by level of difficulty, so newbies and old hands alike will have the opportunity to get the pants scared off of them.


This Chinatown destination is a solid choice if you're going with a group of friends who want to get competitive. There's four different rooms to choose from and each is ranked by difficulty and team size.

Escape Casa Loma

This escape game series scores points for being located inside Toronto's famous castle. The fun storyline with integrated characters as well as the novelty of being in a historical building make it a game worth trying.


This Yonge & Dundas escape game uses high-tech props and intricate sets to create a convincing, realistic vibe. If you're looking for a full immersive experience, this might be your best best.

Captive Escape Rooms

On Elm St. near Yonge & Dundas, Toronto's most intense and unique live escape room experience has rooms that are quite realistic and not for the faint of heart.

The Great Escape

This escape game on Geary Avenue has rooms with intriguing themes that range from theatrical (The Da Vinci Code) to lifelike (The Hangover). They also have the option to dress up while you play.

Riddle Room

In addition to multiple escape rooms this facility near Yonge and Wellesley has an attached cafe that offers board and video games along with food and drinks. This is an ideal spot if you're looking to make a full day out of competing with your friends and family.

Looking Glass Adventures

This Danforth East option has a family-friendly escape room, with kid-appropriate puzzles too. The immersive and interactive game is perfect for any skill level and is played in groups of four.

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Escape Casa Loma

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