It's called a Fling for a reason

The Spring Fling at the Skydome, er, Rogers Centre, might be a perfect March Break activity for people stranded in Toronto by Jetsgo. Say you were going to go to Disneyland and the kids in your life have not stopped crying since they discovered they would not be getting an autograph from Mickey Mouse. You might consider forking over $20 to win them a stuffed Mickey Mouse at this carnival.

But if you are a regular Torontonian just looking for something to do this week, you might think again. Other than the surreal lack-of-time sensation you feel being inside the Skydome, it won't be long before you realize there's not a tonne worth experiencing at this annual event.

The Spring Fling is basically exactly what you would expect it to be: rides, games and the perpetual smell of vomit. But unlike the carnival at the Ex, it doesn't have other entertainment activities to keep you there. There's no Animal building, no street performers, no food other than Pizza and no entertainment other than an Oreo-sponsored guy with a microphone brainwashing children as they sing, 'Ore-ore-ooooo'.

It does, however, have rows and rows of games you can pay to win and no shortage of harassing booth workers trying to lure you to their game. (Note: It's worse the earlier in the morning you go. If you are one of the only people there, the calls are unrelenting.)

Going early in the day does have its perks though. There are no line-ups for rides, and there is time to chat with the carnival workers which can be, believe it or not, fascinating!!
Here's what I learned from the man at the hockey puck booth:
He's been in the business since the age of 10 and plans to retire in the next two years at the ripe age of 50. They do not make an hourly wage at these carnivals - 100% commission (Hence the verbal harassment). Before you take pity and hand over your petty cash, note that this man owns three houses and earns $150,000 a year!! Oh, and he spends most of his time in the Caribbean.

If this is my last post, it means I have deserted the nieces, nephews, siblings and parents in my life to start my career with the Carnie. But don't worry, I'll put them up in one of my houses.

Gates Open:
10 am daily

Date & Time:
Wednesday March 16, 2005
Thursday March 17, 2005
Friday March 18, 2005
Saturday March 19, 2005
Sunday March 20, 2005

10 am - 9 pm daily
Sunday March 20 only, 10 am - 7 pm

Ticket Prices:

$20 - All day ride ticket (8 years and up)
$12 - Children (7 years and under)
$8 - Adult no ride/Children groups (7 and under)
$1.00 - Per ride ticket (for those who purchase the $8 no-ride ticket and want to ride a few rides)

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