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10 summer spots to indulge in the newest ice cream from HÄAGEN-DAZS with your BFFs

These 10 stunning summer spots in Toronto – where you can indulge in the newest, most indulgent ice creams from Häagen-Dazs® yet – are the most picturesque places to share a pint with your BFFs. Just like Häagen-Dazs® has added four new layered flavours to your ice cream experience with its NEW exträaz layers™ flavours, you can add new dimensions to the way you see the city by celebrating with all four flavours: Berry Explosion, Triple Chocolate, Mocha Cheesecake and Salted Caramel, all across the city! 

Check out these summer spots to indulge in Häagen-Dazs® exträaz™ layers with your BFFs:

Tommy Thompson Park

Grab your bike, scooter, or if you're a fan of long walks, your sneakers, and head over to Tommy Thompson Park with your favourite Häagen-Dazs® exträaz™ layers flavour(s). This location has multiple paths leading to beaches big and small but each have the stunning backdrop of the Toronto skyline, perfect for watching the sun set.

Cabbagetown Parkscape

If you're a fan of CafeTO, you'll love the new installation that's happening in Cabbagetown right now, where natural materials have been used to create a serene "parkscape" in the city.

Riverdale Park East

Whether you're gathering with friends at this park in the middle of the day or to watch the sun go down, it's a great spot to share some exträaz™ layers Triple Chocolate ice cream with three of your besties.

Aitken Place Park

Wander along paths to end up at fun seating where you can gaze out at the waterfront at this newer park along the Water's Edge Promenade, and don't forget your ice cream to keep you cool as you walk.

CIBC Square Park

People are super interested in this new rooftop park and even lined up to get in, so you know you have to bring your snacks and ice cream to visit this new too-cool-for-school location.

Ashbridges Bay

Nothing goes together better than ice cream and the beach, and this is a popular and lively one. Sand between your toes and exträaz™ layers Salted Caramel on your spoon? Yes please.

Muskoka chairs on King West

Be in the middle of the action by enjoying a pint of Häagen-Dazs on one of these colourful chairs stationed along a busy street so you can take a break from the rat race.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

This one's a classic, and you always need a fun new snack to bring to the park. Stuff your cooler full of exträaz™ layers Berry Explosion ice cream that matches the vibrancy of the plants and people in the area and dig in!

Mimico Waterfront Park

If you're located in the New Toronto area and want to hang out by the water, unwinding with a pint of ice cream in this park is a must.

Trinity College Quadrangle

Doing summer classes? Take the study sesh outside with a pint of exträaz™ layers Mocha Cheesecake for focus and you're sure to have it made in the shade (and score those great grades, as well).

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