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When I ask Tom, one of the owners of the Cabbagetown ice-cream parlour Sweet Creamery, what inspired him to develop his obscene, peanut butter sucker-punch sundae 'The Parliament' he pauses and smiles. "Well, I'm American..." he says wryly, acknowledging the mandatory exposure to both the nutty paste and the obscenely indulgent ice cream desserts that comes with growing up south of the border.

Sweet Creamery Interior

As it turns out, he actually recreated a favourite sundae from the U.S restaurant chain 'Friendly's' that he'd been hankering for since moving to Canada.

Sweet Creamery Gelato

His innocuous announcement of nationality actually has more significance in the founding of Sweet Creamery than you'd expect.

Sweet Creamery Logo"/>Tom and his partner Emilio, the joint owners, emigrated to Canada from the states to prevent Emilio being deported as spousal sponsoring for U.S citizenship is currently not an option open to gay couples.</p><p><img src="http://www.blogto.com/listings/restaurants/upload/2009/08/20090823-sweetctarts.jpg" width="590" height="360" alt="Sweet Creamery Bakery"/>They began documenting their situation in 2006 on a <a href="http://canadianhope.blogspot.com/"target=_blank>blog</a>, which went on to be the main source of publicity for

After hearing from some of their neighbours in Cabbagetown that the area lacked an independent ice-cream parlour, they set to work surveying residents to figure out what would make the perfect store. Which independent ice-cream supplier should they use ( Kawartha Dairy won out)?

Which flavours would people most like them to carry?

Sweet Creamery Ice Cream

Tom named every sundae on the menu he developed after a different Cabbagetown street and Emilio attended George Brown chef school in preparation for handling the baking section of the operation.

Sweet Creamery Menu

During the first week of opening, local volunteers even helped to get the place up and running, serving customers through the initial rush period.

Sweet Creamery Gelato

My motivation for visiting to Sweet Creamery was mostly fueled by hearing rumours of a place that made the ultimate sundae for the peanut butter addicted and I'm extremely happy to say that said rumours are well-grounded.

Sweet Creamery The Parliament

'The Parliament' is a stupendous combination of a waffle basket lined with hot chocolate fudge sauce, peanut sauce (which is imported from Massachusetts), filled with chocolate peanut butter ice cream and topped with whipped cream and Reese's Pieces.

Sweet Creamery Sundae

My friend gets 'The Carlton', an equally irresistible medley of both cherry and raspberry cheesecake ice creams, hot fudge sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and chocolate chips in a waffle basket.

Sweet Creamery Carlton Sundae

Sweet Creamery also serves in-house made gelato and sorbets, tarts, shortcake and cupcakes as well as the aforementioned Kawartha ice cream.

Sweet Creamery Toppings

After having a sundae there, I'll have a hard time ordering anything else in future but the baking and the gelato look pretty outstanding too.

Definitely worth a special trip.

All sundaes cost $7.50

Sweet Creamery toronto

Photos by Emma McIntyre .

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