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Cabbagetown, once one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Toronto, is now a much sought-after enclave boasting restored Victorian homes, friendly neighbourhood pubs and one of the best cafes in the city. For the local gossip head to Jet Fuel, where they're so hyped on caffeine they refuse to stock decaf. Nearby Riverdale Park is home to the Riverdale Farmers' Market, one of Toronto's best, each Tuesday from May through October. And if talking to the farmers doesn't feel like you're close enough to the source, there's always the family friendly Riverdale Farm which affords a more intimate encounter.

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420 Smokehouse / Restaurants

420 Parliament St. 416.924.5858 Website
420 Smokehouse

420 Smokehouse by name initially conjured up visions of a vapour lounge meets BBQ pit, but owner Virginia Ray laughs and admits she was oblivious to the stoner reference until...

650 Cafe Bistro (Cabbagetown) / Restaurants

194A Carlton St. 647.748.7884 Website
650 Cafe Bistro (Cabbagetown)

650 Cafe Bistro opened this second location in Cabbagetown only a few months after its first spot debuted downtown at 650 Bay St. The "650" name carries over, but the...

A Seaton Dream B&B / Hotels

243 Seaton St 416.929.3363 Website
A Seaton Dream B&B

A Seaton Dream B&B, located in Cabbagetown, has only three rooms, but the level of service is excellent. Breakfast always seems to promise something different, and draw on the house...

Absolute Bakery / Baked Goods

589 Parliament St. 416.929.2700
Absolute Bakery

Absolute Bakery and Cafe has been a quiet Cabbagetown favourite for French and Sri Lankan baked good for years. The bakery is one of those modest mom and pop operations...

Ambal Trading / Grocery Stores

591 Parliament St. 416.928.6665
Ambal Trading

Ambal Trading in Cabbagetown might not be the prettiest store but they're the best in the area for hard-to-find east and west Indian products including root vegetables, fresh okra and...

Asian Tasty Delight / Restaurants

606 Sherbourne St 647.551.2383 Website
Asian Tasty Delight

Asian Tasty Delight serves Chinese and Pan-Asian cuisine. They offer a wide range of soups, salads, combos, appetizers, dim sum options, and smoothies for dine-in or delivery. ...

Bahara Cuisine House / Restaurants

178 Carlton St. 416.964.8414
Bahara Cuisine House

Bahara Cuisine House is a Halal-certified restaurant specializing in Pakistani and Indian foods. Dishes you'll find in here include a variety of curries, Tandoori chicken, and kebabs. ...

Banting House Inn / Hotels

73 Homewood Ave 416.924.1458 Website
Banting House Inn

Banting House Inn's rooms run from $94 up to $160 a night for quad occupancy, and the house itself is full of character and well-appointed, as well as offering a...

Butter Chicken Factory / Restaurants

556 Parliament St. 416.964.7583
Butter Chicken Factory

The Butter Chicken Factory is a relatively new addition to Cabbagetown which cooks up a lot more than just its namesake butter chicken. While that dish definitely impresses, there's also...

Cabbage Town Kitchen / Restaurants

292 Wellesley St. East 647.352.7111 Website
Cabbage Town Kitchen

Cabbage Town Kitchen prefers to spell the neighbourhood name a little differently, but no matter. They make up for it with their succulent roast chicken dinners that are Halal certified....

Cabbagetown Barber Shop / Fashion Stores

525 Parliament St. 416.967.1280
Cabbagetown Barber Shop

Jim Cogliano and Frank Rosatti cut hair together at the Sheraton Centre before taking over the D.C Barbershop in 1993 and changing its name to the Cabbagetown Barber Shop. Bringing...

Cabbagetown Boxing Club / Fitness Clubs

2 Lancaster Avenue 416.961.2912 Website
Cabbagetown Boxing Club

Cabbagetown Boxing Club opened with a youth focus back in 1972, but has since grown to train fighters of all ages and skill levels to bout with the best. Its...

Cabbagetown Brew / Cafes

552 Parliament St. 416.353.5551 Website
Cabbagetown Brew

Cabbagetown Brew offers a cafe experience in stark contrast to neighbourhood favourite Jet fuel. Upholstered chairs and an airy feel give way to Thuet pastries and an assortment of gelato....

Cabbagetown Hive / Restaurants

559 Parliament St. 647.348.0411 Website
Cabbagetown Hive

Cabbagetown Hive offers a "mood inspired" menu, which means there's something for everyone whether looking to eat bright and fresh salads or indulge with internationally inspired street foods....

Cabbagetown Organic / Grocery Stores

499 Parliament St. 416.913.7296
Cabbagetown Organic

Cabbagetown Organic is a large grocer in Cabbagetown that has a surprisingly good selected of organic and healh foods. Sadly, it's grossly overpriced....

Chew Chew's Diner / Restaurants

186 Carlton St. 416.924.7583
Chew Chew's Diner

It might take you a second to see the connection between the mural on the side of the Chew Chew's Diner and the Cabbagetown restaurant's name. But hold your groans......

Cranberries / Restaurants

601 Parliament Street 416.925.6330 Website

Cranberries is open for lunch and dinner through the week but it's best know for its weekend brunch where the eggs benedict and pancakes are the star attractions....

Cycle Solutions / Services

444 Parliament St. 416.972.6948 Website
Cycle Solutions

Cycle Solutions is an all-around bike store. They have a particularly wide selection of mountain bikes, but their offerings run the full gamut - from comfort to BMX to road....

Daniel et Daniel / Grocery Stores

248 Carlton Street 416.968.9275 Website
Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel might make most of their money from their catering business but their small food shop in Cabbagetown is worth a visit for their freshly prepared sandwiches, muffins...

Deciem (Cabbagetown) / Fashion Stores

242 Carlton St 647.361.4393 Website
Deciem (Cabbagetown)

Deciem bills itself as the Abnormal Beauty Company, and they follow through on that concept here at their Cabbagetown location, with inventive wall design at the back and a range...

Double Take / Fashion Stores

310 Gerrard St East 416.925.6069 Website
Double Take

Double Take is a massive used clothing sore on Gerrard just east of Parliament. They have a large selection of both men's and women's clothing....

Eagle Tae Kwon Do / Fitness Clubs

493 Parliament St. 416.883.9563
Eagle Tae Kwon Do

Eagle Tae Kwon Do offers tae kwon do classes in its Cabbagetown studio....

Eat Bulaga / Restaurants

584 Parliament St. 416.531.3169
Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga is part convenience store, part Filipino and Chinese take-out restaurant. Go here for some cheap eats, phone cards and faxing....

Epicure Shop / Grocery Stores

473 Parliament Street 416.928.0291 Website
Epicure Shop

The Epicure Shop has been a Cabbagetown fixture since the '80s. Helmed by Patty Junior (who does the buying, as well as creates the lavish holiday gift baskets), and with...

Euro Bite / Restaurants

582 Parliament St 647.349.0789 Website
Euro Bite

Euro Bite does classic schnitzel sandwiches and what they term on their menu as "less important sandwiches." You can also get schnitzels as mains, along with cabbage rolls and skewers....

Extended F'Amelia / Restaurants

8 Amelia St. 416.323.0666 Website
Extended F'Amelia

Extended F'Amelia is the sister next door to Cabbagetown's popular pizza spot. The focus here is more on wine, drinks and snacking plates like olives, beef tartare and house made...

F'Amelia / Restaurants

12 Amelia St. 416.323.0666 Website

F'Amelia is an Italian restaurant in Cabbagetown that serves up fresh pasta, pizza, meat, fish, and tasty desserts including a dessert pizza comprised of Nutella, carmelized bananas and icing sugar....

Face Furniture Optical / Fashion Stores

464 Parliament St. 416.960.3223 Website
Face Furniture Optical

Face Furniture Optical is located in Cabbagetown, and it stands out like a sore thumb, but the neighbourhood response has been welcoming. "The area is changing," owner Tewfik Sherif tells...

Fair Trade Jewellery Co. / Fashion Stores

523 Parliament St. 647.430.8741 Website
Fair Trade Jewellery Co.

Fair Trade Jewellery Co. is capitalizing on increasing consumer interest in purchasing diamonds and jewellery that is fair trade and devoid of conflict (ie. blood diamonds). See our previous post...

Green's Antiques / Design Stores

529 Parliament St. 416.925.1556 Website
Green's Antiques

Green's Antiques has been a fixture in Cabbagetown for 35 years. The perennially-packed store features a little of everything, but deals mostly in furniture (including sideboards, hutches, desks and dining...

Grinning Face / Restaurants

540 Parliament Street 416.920.4444 Website
Grinning Face

Grinning Face is a non-dairy gelato shop in Cabbagetown beside Café Olya on Parliament. The shop specializes in artisanal gelato made from scratch using handmade coconut milk and natural, fresh...

Hastings Barber Shop (Cabbagetown) / Fashion Stores

251 Gerrard St. East Website
Hastings Barber Shop (Cabbagetown)

Hastings Barber Shop has doubled. And they brought the taxidermied deer heads with them. After opening the first shop in Leslieville in November 2012, Hastings has brand-new digs in Cabbagetown....

Hey Lucy! (Cabbagetown) / Restaurants

229 Carlton St. 416.901.9777 Website
Hey Lucy! (Cabbagetown)

Hey Lucy! has brought their zebra print banquets and cheap martini nights to Cabbagetown finally putting the sad Mexican chain restaurant that preceded it out of its misery. Look for...

House on Parliament / Restaurants

456 Parliament 416.925.4074
House on Parliament

The House On Parliament is one of those neighbourhood haunts that seem to be well represented in movies and tv, but not quite so represented in real life. Although not quite...

Hua Yu Kitchen / Restaurants

292 Parliament St. 647.344.8938
Hua Yu Kitchen

Hua Yu Kitchen looks not unlike a cafeteria, but the food here tastes good and is cheap....

It's Jenny Espresso Boutique / Cafes

253 Gerrard St. East 416.994.3701
It's Jenny Espresso Boutique

It's Jenny Espresso Boutique is a familiar-looking espresso bar in Cabbagetown right by Berkeley Street. The cafe is familiar for a very good reason, since it has pretty much has...

Jet Fuel Coffee / Cafes

519 Parliament Street 416.968.9982 Website
Jet Fuel Coffee

Jet Fuel Coffee is pretty rock n' roll, you know. Not folky or indie or garagey, but like, the good old-fashioned kind. The kind that drives a Harley. Like...

Johnny G's / Restaurants

478 Parliament Street 416.928.1358
Johnny G's

Johnny G's is a classic greasy spoon style diner located in Cabbagetown, on Parliament just North of Carlton. With fast and very friendly service, weekend brunch will be a pleasant...

Kanpai / Restaurants

252 Carlton St. 416.968.6888 Website

Kanpai is a Taiwanese snack bar that's introducing Cabbagetown to a taste of Taipei that goes above and beyond bubble tea. At dinner hour on a weekday every table in...

Kendall & Co. / Design Stores

514 Parliament Street 416.363.9914 Website
Kendall & Co.

Kendall & Co. is an interesting urban hybrid. It's probably best described as a work/shop. On one side of the long space is a fine gallery of well-chosen, surprisingly...

Kibo Sushi House / Restaurants

533 Parliament St. 647.352.3788 Website
Kibo Sushi House

Kibo Sushi House is a new and rather eclectic sushi restaurant located in the Cabbagetown area. With a mixture of chandeliers and small Japanese trinkets, the ambience here is definitely...

Kingyo Izakaya / Restaurants

51B Winchester St. 647.748.2121 Website
Kingyo Izakaya

Kingyo Izakaya serves up an extensive menu of boxed sushi, stone bowls, chicken wings and other izakaya eats in Cabbagetown....

Krishna / Restaurants

585 Parliament 416.925.1939

Krishna is a take-out only restaurant in Cabbagetown specializing in cheap Sri Lankan and South Indian food. ...

Labour of Love / Design Stores

223 Carlton Street 416.923.8988 Website
Labour of Love

Labour of Love isn't your standard gift store. Located in the hub of Cabbagetown, this shop has everything you need from luxury jewellery to unique gifts and even select bar...

Lampcage / Design Stores

557 Parliament 416.686.5350 Website

Lampcage is one of those shops that suck you in with their stunning decor and make you never want to leave. Owner and designer Dean Lee crafts intricate lights from...

Lennie's Whole Foods / Grocery Stores

489 Parliament St. 416.967.5196
Lennie's Whole Foods

Lennie's Whole Foods is the best of the health food stores in Cabbagetown. They stock the usual mix of natural/organic cereals, bulk products, goat milk, eco-friendly products and more. ...

Liyu Whole Foods / Services

10 Howard Street 419.922.4174
Liyu Whole Foods

Liyu Whole Foods offers an impressive collection of Ethiopian music and movies, alongside bagged spices, dry goods, photocopying services (?), and on occasion, hot eats. More of a gathering place...

London Calling / Design Stores

239 Carlton St. 647.210.6682 Website
London Calling

London Calling is a home decor and foodstuffs shop in Cabbagetown specializing in - you guessed it - things from Britain. Having lived in London for some time, I was...

Maja Indian Cuisine / Restaurants

345 Bloor Street East 647.350.7876
Maja Indian Cuisine

Maja Indian Cuisine serves up everything from butter chicken to chana masala. The restaurant is extremely budget-friendly, with all dishes ringing in under the ten-dollar mark....

Menagerie Pet Shop / Services

549 Parliament St. 416.921.4966 Website
Menagerie Pet Shop

Menagerie Pet Shop in Cabbagetown is hard to miss. Say what you want about its eclectic exterior, the inside is brimming with live animals, pet supplies and other necessities for...

Merryberry Cafe / Restaurants

559 Parliament St. 647.348.0411 Website
Merryberry Cafe

Merryberry Cafe is a casual lunch spot in Cabbagetown serving a variety of sandwiches, baked goods as well as coffee and teas....

Mr. Jerk / Restaurants

209 Wellesley Street East 416.961.8913
Mr. Jerk

Mr. Jerk is a popular Caribbean take-out restaurant serving Cabbagetown residents with some of the best jerk in the city. ...

Murgatroid / Restaurants

568 Parliament St 416.323.9381 Website

Murgatroid, in Cabbagetown, serves up some locally sourced, modern-rustic Cajun food. Murgatroid is all about utilizing locally farmed ingredients, and preserving/pickling stuff to keep it real. All meals prepared...

Oh Boy! Burger (Cabbagetown) / Restaurants

296 Gerrard Street East 647.347.3297 Website
Oh Boy! Burger (Cabbagetown)

Oh Boy! Burger is back in business in Toronto after an unsuccessful run on Queen West. Now in Cabbagetown at the corner of Parliament and Gerrard, this cozy burger shack...

Pear Tree / Restaurants

507 Parliament Street 416.962.8190 Website
Pear Tree

Pear Tree is a local restaurant in Cabbagetown that is a popular spot for weekend brunch. They also serve lunch and dinner during the week. The menu is influenced by...

Peter's Cajun Creole Pizza / Restaurants

415 Parliament Street 416.368.8099 Website
Peter's Cajun Creole Pizza

Peter's Cajun Creole Pizza has resurfaced in Cabbagetown after a flame-out at its long-time spot near Queen and Parliament. It's a good thing for Toronto because they still make some...

Phoenix Concert Theatre / Bars

410 Sherbourne Street 416.323.1251 Website
Phoenix Concert Theatre

The Phoenix Concert Theatre is like a big warehouse with good sight-lines to watch live music, including a second floor mezzanine in the back....

Pinoy Ako / Grocery Stores

8 Howard Street 647.343.7977 Website
Pinoy Ako

Pinoy Ako is a Filipino grocery store and catering shop that's known for its barbecue pork and chicken, though it also offers other traditional prepared foods such as lumpia and...

Pipler Accessories / Fashion Stores

453 Parliament St. 647.346.2324 Website
Pipler Accessories

Pipler Accessories works with four guiding principles: local, handmade, charitable and sustainable. These four categories are what make up the core products in the Cabbagetown shop that has quickly become...

Qi Sushi / Restaurants

358 Gerrard St. East 416.929.8989 Website
Qi Sushi

Qi Sushi is a cozy sushi restaurant that has recently opened on the southern edge of Cabbagetown on Gerrard east of Parliament. On the menu? Reasonably priced nigiri, sashimi and...

Rashnaa / Restaurants

307 Wellesley Street East 416.929.2099 Website

Rashnaa is a South Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant in Cabbagetown that makes a lot of good food, but nothing quite as popular its masala thosai (dosa). For a light...

Retsina / Restaurants

209 Gerrard St. E. 416.962.3055 Website

Retsina boasts a menu full of yumminess, with several pita-and-dip apps, Greek salads, and meatballs. They also serve a small selection of both red and white wines by the...

Salt & Tobacco / Restaurants

521 Parliament St.
Salt & Tobacco

Salt & Tobacco is a pizza joint that got its name from a cool-looking Italian emblem that indicates which stores sell government controlled commodities - i.e. salt and tobacco, It...

Sfizio Pizzeria & Wine Bar / Restaurants

401 Bloor St. E. 416.925.9500 Website
Sfizio Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Sfizio Pizzeria & Wine Bar is an Italian restaurant on a nondescript stretch of Bloor by Sherbourne station. It specializes in Neapolitan-style pies made with San Marzano tomatoes and fior...

Sourced & Salvaged / Design Stores

246 Gerrard St. East 416.834.5337 Website
Sourced & Salvaged

Sourced & Salvaged is a small specialty design shop where owner Darius Armstrong sells a delightful mix of found and reclaimed antiques. The shop, which is new to Cabbagetown, has...

Spice House / Restaurants

587 Parliament Street 647.340.5511
Spice House

Spice House in Cabbagetown serves some home-style Indian-cuisine realness. A total 'mom and pop' place, Spice House has got all the regular staples and then some. Best part about this...

Spruce / Design Stores

455 Parliament St. 647.748.4060 Website

Spruce is a home decor shop in Cabbagetown whose owners focus on sourcing objects made in North America and collecting fun vintage items to put up for sale. The energy...

St. Jamestown Delicatessen / Restaurants

518 Parliament St. 416.925.7665
St. Jamestown Delicatessen

St. Jamestown Delicatessen is something of a Cabbagetown institution, serving up sandwiches, soups and other lunch fare....

Stout Irish Pub / Restaurants

221 Carlton Street 416.966.9440 Website
Stout Irish Pub

Stout Irish Pub is one of the latest additions to Cabbagetown. On tap are plenty of microbrews including Cameron's, Canuck Pale Ale and Wellington, and the kitchen churns out pub...

Sukhothai / Restaurants

274 a Parliament Street 416.913.8846 Website

Sukhothai just might be the best Thai restaurant in Toronto. The chef's a perfectionist. Please be reasonable when deciding to order something from here. You don't understand how bad I...

Sultan of Samosas (Regent Park) / Restaurants

1 Oak Street 416.933.9330 Website
Sultan of Samosas (Regent Park)

Sultan of Samosas has opened a new location in Regent Park serving the same great variety of samosas and fritters as their Eglinton original. There are ten savoury varieties to...

Suruthi's Take-Out / Restaurants

585 Parliament Street 416.925.1939
Suruthi's Take-Out

Suruthi's Take-Out is Cabbagetown's Sri Lankan spot. A cozy, family-owned restaurant, Suruthi's has a variety of popular dishes at a good price. Popular eats include rice, samosas and fish cutlet...

Tender Trap Restaurant / Restaurants

580 Parliament St 416.920.5147
Tender Trap Restaurant

Tender Trap Restaurant serves Chinese food in the heart of Cabbagetown. With a quaint environment and a variety of dishes, this spot offers all my Chinese food musts, like General...

Thai Room (Cabbagetown) / Restaurants

243 Carlton St 647.352.8424 Website
Thai Room (Cabbagetown)

Thai Room has a location in Cabbagetown, in addition to many other popular locations throughout the GTA. They serve classics like pad thai and make it easy to order online. ...

Thai To Go / Restaurants

452 Gerrard St. East 416.515.8424 Website
Thai To Go

Thai To Go and I should get along just fine this winter. As soon as the cold weather starts to hit, the incidences of me ordering take-out goes through the...

The In Cut / Fashion Stores

7 Howard Street 416.921.0095
The In Cut

This is where bodybuilder Jay Cutler gets his hair cut when he's in Toronto. Aside from the odd Olympian, The In Cut trims the 'dos of St. James Town locals...

The Irv Gastro Pub / Restaurants

195 Carlton St. 647.350.4787 Website
The Irv Gastro Pub

The Irv Gastro Pub adds an upscale twist to traditional comfort food. There are no chicken wings and nachos here. Instead think truffle and parmesan popcorn or halibut taco with...

The Local Gest / Restaurants

424 Parliament St. 416.961.9425 Website
The Local Gest

The Local Gest has moved into the Ben Wicks space on Parliament St. The new tenant has kept the casual charm but offers a completely different type of menu with...

The Scullery / Restaurants

200 Carlton St. 647.748.5000 Website
The Scullery

The Scullery, a month-old bakery/cafe in Cabbagetown, is a new venture from a pair of childhood friends: Fiona Byrne, an ex-interior designer turned pastry chef, and Laura Sestito, an ex-digital...

Tinuno / Restaurants

31 Howard St. 647.343.9294

Tinuno is a homey Filipino restaurant in St. James Town. They're known for Filipino feasts which incorporate an incredible variety of traditional dishes into a smorgasbord eaten with your hands...

Trend Custom Tailors / Fashion Stores

306 Sherbourne Street 416.596.8744 Website
Trend Custom Tailors

Trend Custom Tailors offer a friendly and laid back experience. Much like their master tailor, there's not a lot of pretension with this group. Located on the east side of...

Under the Table Restaurant / Restaurants

568 Parliament St 647.351.1533
Under the Table Restaurant

Under the Table is Cabbagetown's community restaurant. Starting off with only Jerk Chicken, the restaurant menu grew organically with suggestions and requests from local customers. Now there's an assortment of...

Underdown Pub / Restaurants

263 Gerrard St. East 416.927.0444 Website
Underdown Pub

The Underdown Pub is a new Cabbagetown pub that's easy to miss. Found in a subterranean space on Gerrard just west of Parliament, this friendly pub features live music, open...

Vintage Vagabond / Design Stores

603 Parliament St. 647.921.2512
Vintage Vagabond

Vintage Vagabond is Cabbagetown's vintage/antique hub. The shop is crammed with some surprise treasure. Diggers are likely to stumble upon clothes, jewelry, collectable items, contemporary/antique furniture, and even Tiffany lamps....

Westown Chinese Food (Sherbourne) / Restaurants

464 Sherbourne Street 647.345.2225
Westown Chinese Food (Sherbourne)

Westown Chinese Food has two Toronto locations (the other is in the Junction), and this spot offers a more Western take on Kung Pao chicken and Szechwan shrimp. You'll also...

Zakkushi Toronto / Restaurants

193 Carlton St. 647.352.9455 Website
Zakkushi Toronto

Zakkushi isn't the latest of the Vancouver Izakaya chains to touchdown in Toronto, but is it the greatest? As a number of other successful West Coast establishments have set up...

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