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Randy's Roti

Randy’s Roti has made a name for itself as one of the premier food trucks in Toronto to get your West Indian food fix.

With their first brick and mortar spot open just steps away from Bloor station, you can order their delicious doubles in a restaurant with actual seating.

randys roti torontoIt gets busy at this little restaurant during lunch, propelled maybe by customers who recognize Randy’s brand from events like the ROM’s Friday Night Live.

randys roti torontoOwner Randy Kangal still has two operating food trucks that serve the GTA and Mississauga, but his expansion from curbside to storefront has appeared pretty seamless.

randys roti toronto

The main bite-sized attractions here are the doubles (2 for $5), which are vegan and come with a side of salad. With a nice blend of chickpeas and mango chutney, coleslaw, and chadon beni – a cilantro-esque sauce – I found the doubles just the right size and flavour.

randys roti toronto

Another popular order is the fluffy chicken roti ($8.99 for medium). I liked that it wasn’t overly saucy and that the chicken meat and potatoes were cooked to a firm texture, which helped keep the roti intact.

All of Randy's rotis are boneless and made fresh in-house. They also have goat and beef rotis ($8.99 each) and shrimp roti ($8.99) for seafood fans. 

randys roti toronto

It's not a Caribbean joint without jerk chicken: Randy's has medium and large servings of jerk ($8.99 and $11.99) with rice, peas, and coleslaw. Oxtail ($11.99) and fried chicken ($8.99) entrees are also available, and you can add a side of plantain for $5. 

randys roti torontoFor a meal that's one-of-a-kind, Randy’s serves the traditional West Indian dish, bake and shark ($9.99): a sandwich that originated as Trinidadian beachside fare and has a contentious reputation amongst conservationists for its use of shark meat. 

randys roti torontoRandy says his meat is sourced from farm-grown sharks; you can also get your sandwich with cod meat instead. I found the thick deep-fried bread really sweet and juicy, and the shark filet was perfectly crispy. 

randys roti torontoVegan options are bountiful here and most dishes are dairy and allergen free. The veggie plate ($14.99 for a large) comes with salad and allows you to choose three veggies from a list of vegetable melanges.

randys roti torontoI highly recommend getting the spinach and curry mango options, paired with some sweet pumpkin or channa. 

randys roti toronto

You can order the plate with a side of rotis ($4) to absorb any excess sauce, but be wary of an unexpected kick when ordering the eggplant: it's significantly spicier than the other veggies.

randys roti toronto

Poulories ($5 for 12) are savoury, Timbit-sized balls made of a thick split pea and chickpea mixture that work well as a filling side and come with a zesty tamarind sauce for dipping.  

randys roti torontoAs for the corn soup, I found the small to medium-sized container ($7) a tad expensive for its size although I enjoyed its grainy texture.

For fans of popular Caribbean soda, you’ll be pleased to find a solid selection of drinks in Randy’s fridge: this food truck-turned-joint get points for having Apple J, Peardrax, and Ting on deck.

randys roti toronto

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Randy's Roti

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