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Neon Tiger

Neon Tiger is an eclectic bar offering an array of Pan-Asian dishes and a colourful cocktail menu. 

The restaurant is considered to be the sister location of Oddseoul, a beloved Korean snack bar on Ossington

neon tiger toronto

Navneet Chakravarti is the owner of both places and says he was looking to expand the Oddseoul brand, by opening a new spot with more menu items and larger portions.  

Neon Tiger moved from its original location on Dupont to 1166 Queen St. West in January, 2023. This article (including photos) were based on blogTO's visit to the Dupont location.

neon tiger torontoThe inside of Neon Tiger is humming with shades of pink and ultraviolet coming from the giant neon signs that cascade around the bar and seating downstairs. 

neon tiger toronto

There's a second floor upstairs with more seating, along with three patios that span around the entire building: one in front, another is a balcony-style on the upper floor, and the last a 90-seat back patio.  

Music blasts from all corners of the restaurant playing R&B and early 2000's Hip-Hop, making it a fun time if you're there with a group of friends. 

neon tiger toronto

The food here derives from a blend of cultures all over Asia, ranging from Hakka to Indian-inspired flavours, and classic Korean favourites. 

You'll find some of the popular dishes served at Oddseoul have been passed onto Neon Tiger's menu, such as the Squash Poutine and the Bulgogi Cheesesteak. 

neon tiger toronto

Chef Wes Haines is running the kitchen at Neon Tiger, he's cooked for the likes of other Toronto favourites like Gusto 101 and Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Chakravarti says Neon Tiger is meant for people that want to be adventurous with food, so if you're a picky eater, I wouldn't suggest coming here.  

But if you are someone with a diverse palate, you'll be blown away by the amount of flavour and the quality of these dishes. 

neon tiger torontoThe KFC Blini ($14.00) is a good appetizer portion if you don't want to get too full before ordering your main meal. Crispy chicken thighs are tossed in a sweet fermented chilli sauce and placed on top of three red onion pancakes, with shreds of green onion to garnish. 

neon tiger torontoThe Siu Mai Dog ($13.00) has a sausage made with a blend of pork belly and shrimp. Delicious crunchy toppings are to follow, such as red pepper relish, shredded kimchi, and shallots. Red chilli sirracha and mayonnaise are combined to make sambal mayo, the sauce on the base of the bun. 

neon tiger torontoYou will be dreaming about the Duck Fried Rice ($28.00) for days on end after eating it. Rice with a mix of snow peas and carrots is fried in duck fat, which gives the plain rice so much flavour. A 7 ounce duck breast is sliced and placed on the side, with a yolky sunny side up egg on top. 

neon tiger torontoThe Squash Poutine ($11.00) is warm and hearty, and will have you feeling full with just a few bites, better to share with others at your table. Tempura squash is layered with cheese curds, curried gravy, roasted kimchi and pickled onions. 

neon tiger torontoGolden Curry Snapper ($32.00) is the type of meal you eat because you missed lunch. A bed of steamed basmati rice soaks in a golden coconut curry sauce, gai lan, a chinese broccoli is mixed into it. A 7 ounce snapper fillet is pan seared and garnished with shredded red cabbage. 

neon tiger torontoThe cocktails here compliment the food well, all of them are priced at $15.00. The Chai Colatte mixes a chai-infused rum, with coconut cream, and pineapple juice. A slice of pineapple garnishes the glass, with this drink tasting sweet, but still like it has alcohol in it. 

neon tiger torontoThe White Lotus ($15.00) gets its name from the lotus flower-infused vodka used in it, combined with Triple Sec, lemon and shaken egg whites, then topped with droplets of bitters.

neon tiger torontoLights inside of Neon Tiger bask out into the street, the building glows from the inside right at Dupont Street and Avenue Road

Photos by

Hector Vasquez 

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