classico and hush toronto

Classico Macha at Hush Hush Bar

Classico Macha is a taqueria running the food program for Hush Hush Bar, a dive club sharing a space with the restaurant. 

classico and hush torontoBefore having a resident kitchen at Hush Hush, Classico started off doing pop-ups for the club on their patio this past summer. 

classico and hush torontoThe brand is created by two brothers Abraham and Abel Paez, inspired by their Mother's restaurant in Mexico, they began selling homemade salsas and meals out of their home during lockdowns last year. 

Prior to Hush Hush, they also did pop-ups at cocktails bars in the city, like Lobby and Project Gigglewater

classico and hush torontoThe menu at Classico has vegan and vegetarian takes on traditional Mexican dishes, with some seafood and meatier options. 

classico and hush torontoThe Shrimp Taco ($7.00) is filled to the brim with guacamole, bits of fried shrimp, a heavy helping of a coleslaw mixture and fried cheese. It's served with Classico's homemade salsa to dip or spread on top. 

classico and hush torontoIf you're looking for a bigger meal, order the Impossible Albondigas ($18.00). Three Impossible meatballs are stuffed with tofu egg and soak in a tomato broth, along with cubes of potatoes and black beans on the side. 

classico and hush toronto

The Gringa de Pastor ($16.00) is Classico's version of a quesadilla. Grilled pork shoulder is melted between a soft white cheese called Chihuahua Cheese. Take a bite with the pineapple salsa on the side for a fresh compliment to this meaty meal. 

classico and hush torontoClassico serves up a list of house cocktails as well. La Picante ($15.00) has Jose Cuervo tequila infused with arbol chilli's then mixed with lime and agave to produce this margarita-like drink with mild heat to its taste. 

classico and hush toronto

La Gringa ($15.00) has a base of Hendrick's Gin, blended with grapefruit juice and rosemary syrup. Fruity, and refreshing, you'll find the rose bud garnishes as a pretty addition to this light cocktail. 

classico and hush torontoWhen you're done with dinner and drinks, head over to Hush Hush, equipped with their own bar, they're just on the other side of the wall from Classico. 

classico and hush toronto

Once located in The Junction, the dive club has made its mark in Little Italy, among a strip of other nightlife, like El Rancho and Sneaky Dee's.  

Don't arrive at Hush anytime before midnight, crowds pick up around 12:30 a.m. or later. 

classico and hush torontoYou'll be in awe of the neon signs and alternative decor that dances on the walls, most of the artifacts were found via an antique collector. 

The motel sign comes from an abandoned hotel in Paris, Ont. all the original light beams stayed intact but was spruced up to add character to the space. 

classico and hush torontoThere's a real airplane wing on the cieling on top of the dance floor, with a disco ball hanging from its centre. 

classico and hush torontoEven the bottle booths have their own story. One of them is adorned with a mirror, that is placed inside of an old airplane turbine, used once for engines. And the couches are also vintage, originating from the old VIA Rail train seats, refurbished from the 60's. 

classico and hush torontoAt Hush Hush, you won't have to worry about paying cover most nights, they're big on encouraging people to let loose without concerns over dress code or bottle minimums for entry. 

classico and hush torontoEvery night you'll find a different theme, Wednesdays are Burlesque, Thursdays are for Latin Music, Fridays they do Hip-Hop and Saturdays is straight House Music. They're planning to add a Brunch event with Drag shows on Sundays too. 

classico and hush torontoYou can find Classico and Hush Hush just a few steps away from College and Bathurst, the building was once home to another club called The Hideout, and Nest still occupies the space above. Visit when you can, the city currently has a development proposal for this site. 

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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