Game of Cheese Toronto

Game of Cheese

Game of Cheese is an Asian fusion restaurant unlike any other. Found in a corner of Commerce Gate where Grand Noodle used to be, it serves up quasi-European dishes with heavy Asian influences.

As its name suggests, this is a place that the lactose intolerant among us might want to avoid. Most of the dishes come stuffed or layered with cheese, cream sauce or some sort of dairy product.

Game of CheeseThe menu? It's derived from the personal recipe book of Frank Liu, also known as the Chef of super popular sushi joint Kaka AYCE

Game of CheeseThe Duck Poutine ($10.99) is a good place to start. This hot mess of a dish is packed with duck meat, curds and gravy. It's classic rib-sticking comfort food.

Game of CheeseThe Black Truffle Carbonara Tagliatelle ($18.99) is flat noodles with truffle-infused cream sauce and hints of bacon. It hits all the right spots and is probably my favourite dish among those I tried.

Game of Cheese

A bit lighter on the calories, the Japanese Seafood Spaghetti ($13.99) is thin noodles mixed in a cream sauce with hints of sweet miso. You're not going to find this flavour combination at your local Italian joint.

Game of Cheese

The pizzas here won't be mistaken for those coming out of one of Toronto's many wood-fired dome ovens. But try the Japanese Style Seafood Pizza ($13.99) layered with generous amounts of salmon and shrimp and coated in delicious house-made wasabi mayo.

game of cheese torontoOr, indulge in the over-the-top Seafood Omurice Pizza ($12.99). It's essentially a packed omurice sitting on top of a cheese pizza. This could easily work as two separate dishes.

Game of CheeseFor dessert the main draw here is undoubtedly the parfaits, especially the grandly-named Game of Parfait ($9.99) adorned with mini choux pastries and bathed in cinnamon and caramel.Game of CheeseFor something more Asian-infused, go for the Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait ($9.99) layered with green tea brownies, green tea sorbet and cornflakes .

Game of CheeseThere's also Layered Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta ($5.99) served with a generous dollop of sake-infused jelly, cherry blossoms and lychee raspberry compote.

Game of Cheese

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