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Faim De Loup

Faim De Loup is a warm French restaurant specializing in refined tasting menus that change with the seasons.

Seating only 16 guests per night, this simple space offers five-course ($80) and seven-course meals ($100) made by the chef in the open kitchen. 

faim de loup torontoThe restaurant doesn't do turnovers: your table is yours for the entire evening, meaning you can take your time with your food and end up staying all night. 

faim de loup torontoThe entire establishment is only run by two people: partners Ryan Rioux, who works the dining area, and Chef Jeffrey Yap, work in tandem to deliver a really polished yet laid-back dining experience. 

faim de loup torontoIt's kind of like having dinner at your favourite friends' house (the kind who don't let you help in the kitchen, and who always have wine from Ontario or France that pair perfectly with your meals).faim de loup torontoPick a seat on the cozy blue banquettes, or maybe at the chef's table, and be treated to some beautifully plated dishes, explained by Rioux (who's tasting menu experience runs from Awai to k.Dinners) or Yap, if you're a large group. 

faim de loup torontoStarting with some shellfish, you might be treated to some juicy snow crab from Newfoundland, served with shaved celery, creme fraiche and rhubarb syrup. 

faim de loup torontoA picturesque blanched radish dish offers an array of purple hues, and even those who don't like radishes (apparently there are a lot of you) won't be able to resist the housemade brown butter mayo and duck fat crouton bits. 

faim de loup torontoBlack cod from B.C. comes with beans that aren't done in a traditional cassoulet style, still delivering with some pork fat and bacon on top.

faim de loup torontoThe porcini cake is unreal, and thankfully is a staple on the menu that shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. 

faim de loup torontoYap says the forest was an inspiration for the plating, and the dish is an earthy array of sauteed oyster mushrooms, kale, puffed rice, garlic puree, and of course the standout: decadent, buttery porcini cakes that melt in your mouth. 

faim de loup torontoAnother staple: a duck from Quebec, oranges, and a citrus relish with sherry gastrique and duck jus. I've never tried glazed celery root, and the texture and flavour is a mouth trip. 

faim de loup torontoYou'll likely be stuffed at this point, but dessert is decadent, with dark chocolate ganache topped with some cool dehydrated flax seeds. 

faim de loup torontoA deconstructed peach pie is seasonal but I wish it wasn't: vanilla panacotta, peach compote, fresh fruits, and a slab of pie crust is meant to be smashed, then devoured. 

faim de loup toronto

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