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This Toronto chef is doing the most unreal pop-up dinners

If you're a seafood fan, you're probably going to want to check out k.dinners, a pop up dining experience that serves up incredibly refined – and tiny – bites of seafood-centric dishes in Toronto.

The event is held weekly by Chef Ken Yau, formerly of Nota Bene, Scaramouche, and most notably the three-Michelin starred UK restaurant Fat Duck, which has been praised worldwide for its multi-sensory cuisine.

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It started off as a small project in September – something to keep Ken busy during his transition back to Toronto after helping to launch Fat Duck.

But his incredibly photogenic creations have helped his project quickly gain traction – especially on Instagram, where most of his reservations are made. Dishes like perilla leaves with with chilli, pear and shiso greens are itty bitty but pack a huge punch and look oh-so cute

Renting out the Danforth brunch spot Fiorentina every Monday, Ken hosts up to 14 guests for a unique meal of 11 to 14 courses. While he provides suggested wine pairings, the dinner is BYOB, and costs $100 per person.

Dishes here start off light and progressively become richer. Ken's menu isn't so much fusion cuisine as it is a palette that draws from a spectrum of Asian and European flavours.

Scallops, one of his favourite ingredients to work with, are served seared in a cauliflower foam with coconut, tarragon, and finger limes.

We've always been taught not to play with our food, but k.dinners encourages it. One of the meals requires two diners to break apart a wish bone in order to decide who gets the bigger serving. It's an interactive experience, with diners all seated around a communal table.

In the past, a part of the event's proceeds were donated to CAMH. According to Ken, mental illness and addiction are a real issue in the hospitality industry and something he'd like to shine a light on.

Since the centre's recent anonymous gift of $100 million, Ken has been searching for a new charity to assist.

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