6 Minto Street Toronto

This $750K Toronto home is only 11.5-feet wide

While it's not normal to see how many straws you could fit end to end inside a house, when you see a home is only 11.5-feet wide you start to Google some weird things. 

Turns out you can fit just over 16 straws, three golf clubs, or two Holstein cows

In short, there's not a lot of room, and that might explain why this house has been on and off the market since 20206 Minto Street Toronto

The open concept main floor. 

The home was first listed for $1,270,000 in October 2020, although the interior looked much different than it does now. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The dining area. 

As you click through all the various listings and photos you'll notice the cosmetic changes the owners did to make this tiny home more appealing to potential buyers. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The kitchen, which looks recently updated. 

Now the three-bedroom, two-bathroom semi-detached home is listed for $750,000 and has undergone some updating, IKEA renovations and major staging. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The living room with a fireplace and the front entrance. 

The home is a cute little residence in Leslieville, steps from the beach. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

A small work area off the kitchen. 

The main floor is open concept with the living room, dining area and kitchen all flowing together. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The family room on the second level of the home. 

On the second level of the home is the family room and a bedroom. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The primary bedroom has wood panelling and a balcony. 

The primary bedroom and third bedroom are on the third floor of the house. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

Another bedroom with large windows. 

None of the rooms are big but they can all fit at least a double bed and have storage. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The backyard. 

The home does have a substantial backyard, and the realtor mentions that a laneway home is a possibility. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The home doesn't have a basement. 

Another downside to this home is that there's no real parking, but if the back fence and shed are removed, the realtor does say you could have rear parking. 

6 Minto Street Toronto

The main bathroom. 

One major thing to note about this home is it is being sold under "power of sale."

6 Minto Street Toronto

Another bedroom. 

So definitely get a home inspection done because whatever renovations the owners were doing, they might not have finished.

6 Minto Street Toronto

The back of the house. 

But still, $750K for an entire house (even if it is only 11.5-feet wide) is one of the more reasonably priced places seen on the market in a long time! 

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