126 sears st toronto

This $5 million home hidden in a Toronto laneway has crypto bro written all over it

There are ton of unique homes on the market in Toronto lately for all types of buyers, whether they be into old-world charm, unique and quirky architectural features, trendy mid-century aesthetics or prime rental opportunities.

Unfortunately for most of us, the only type of buyer that can afford any home in the city at this point is a wealthy one, and given that Toronto is a massive (and growing) tech and crypto hub, more and more people from those industries may be among the city's homeowners and real estate investors.

One new listing near Queen St. E and Greenwood Ave. feels absolutely perfect for a tech or crypto bro who is into upscale contemporary design, sleek lines and a minimalistic style, and who also has a cool $4.985 million to spend. (Think Patrick Bateman's condo in American Psycho, but modernized.)

126 sears st toronto

The home feels clean, open and airy given the largely monochromatic white interior and minimalistic decor. Image from the Sotheby's International Realty Canada listing.

Though the four-bedroom home at 126 Sears Street isn't a bachelor or bachelorette pad by definition, it could be for the right buyer who wants a sprawling open, airy space with an industrial vibe.

126 sears st toronto

The home is a hard loft in a converted toy factory with potential for additions. Image from the Sotheby's International Realty Canada listing.

Sotheby's International calls the converted toy factory loft in Leslieville a "once in a lifetime opportunity" due to the fact that it is a "design masterpiece."

126 sears st toronto

The polished concrete floors, exposed ductwork and glass bricks definitely add a particular feel. Image from the Sotheby's International Realty Canada listing.

In the 12 stark-white rooms are features like exposed ducts and steel beams, glass railings and tons of glass bricks, sky-high ceilings, hanging sliding doors, polished concrete floors, walk-in showers beside floating vanities and ladders to hidden loft beds.

126 sears st toronto

The modern space feels purposefully empty and thus somewhat cold — not really "family home" vibes. Image from the Sotheby's International Realty Canada listing.

There are also some things that come with the house that just scream crypto bro, like the overhead projector, punching bag, swanky office, luxury stainless steel appliances and overall (admittedly cold) feel.

While laneway homes with no yard space are extremely trendy right now, they may only be ideal for a certain type of buyer (i.e., not a family).

126 sears st toronto

The overall vibe is very Patrick Bateman. Image from the Sotheby's International Realty Canada listing.

The oversized outdoor deck space is also unparallelled for the city and is perfect for entertaining, with a barbecue and a killer view.

126 sears st toronto

One-of-a-kind features, like this stainless steel door to the outdoor patio space. Image from the Sotheby's International Realty Canada listing.

And, the home even comes with permits and plans for a third-storey addition and also a two-car garage for those who've really got the dough to shell out (and the energy to take on the task).

126 sears st toronto

The deck space is enormous and perfect for parties. Image from the Sotheby's International Realty Canada listing.

Though the staging of the place is fairly deliberately bro-y, one of the bedrooms has been set up as a nursery and there are built-in baby/pet gates around the stairs, suggesting that the home might also be well-suited for a young, well-off couple.

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