43 Britain Street Toronto

This is what a $5 million loft inside a former warehouse looks like in Toronto

Just past the corner of Queen and Sherbourne into a narrow street nearby you will come across an unobtrusive five-unit building known as Stonecutters Lofts.

They were converted from a century old warehouse, with its location on Stonecutters Lane acting as its namesake.

43 Britain Street Toronto

A reception area on the main floor. 

But, fun fact, the name for the lane traces even further back, eponymous of the old Stonecutter’s Arms Pub on Richmond Street East.

43 Britain Street Toronto

A view of the offices. 

The units in Stonecutters Lofts are among the most exclusive and desirable lofts in the city – partially because there's so few of them but also because the building is deceivingly quaint yet exceptionally designed. 

43 Britain Street Toronto

The family room on the second floor with a fireplace.  

The last time this property was for sale it fetched a swoon-worthy $2.85 million. 

43 Britain Street Toronto

One of the outdoor patio areas. 

And that was back in 2012.

43 Britain Street Toronto

The dining area and view into the kitchen. 

Unit 200 actually was personally designed for the original owner of the building and is outfitted with the best of the best. 

43 Britain Street Toronto

The courtyard is a central feature in the unit. 

In 2011 the building actually won an Ontario Association of Architects design award.

43 Britain Street Toronto

One of the bedrooms. 

Now the unit is listed for $4,700,000.

43 Britain Street Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

The loft features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, over 4,000-square-feet of living space and an abundance of character including exposed brick and exposed wood beam ceilings. 

43 Britain Street Toronto

The courtyard. 

On the main floor there's 11 work areas, including a board room and a corner office with a private outdoor patio. 

43 Britain Street Toronto

One of the offices. 

There's also a large reception area making this unit ideal for a work and live type balance and will likely appeal to creative types who thrive in an unconventional office.

43 Britain Street Toronto

A view from the roof. 

But one of the best parts of this unit is the rooftop patio with more than 500-square-feet of space and the two storey glazed pavilion which allows for natural light to flood the space. 

43 Britain Street Toronto

There are two coutyards on the main floor and a rooftop patio on the third level. 

"[This unit], like its experimental predecessor, was conceived to demonstrate principles of adaptability and bioclimatic design that enhance long term livability and sustainability,"said the team behind the building, Baird Sampson Neuert Architects.

43 Britain Street Toronto

The office area. 

"Its unique contribution is in showing how the tops of the existing stock of warehouse buildings in cities like Toronto can be re-inhabited with levels of outdoor amenity, privacy and security that is comparable to traditional, on the ground single family housing."

43 Britain Street Toronto

The primary ensuite bathroom. 

But as impressive as this place is, it's having some trouble selling. This unit has been on the market since January 2021 and has yet to sell. But then again this isn't a conventional home so the buyer will likely be harder to find. 

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