425 Whitevale Road Pickering

This historic mill in Ontario that's also a home is on sale for $3.5 million

The story of this property dates all the way back to 1855, when T.P. White started building a bunch of mills in the area. One of them was a large brick woollen mill that cost of $30,000 in 1867. 425 Whitevale Road Pickering

One of the many units inside the complex. 

But in 1874 a bunch of fires destroyed many of White's original mills.

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

Each unit is self contained. 

Luckily, the brick walls of the wollen remainded standing and the machinery of the flour mill was moved inside. 

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

One of the kitchens in a residential unit. 

In 1932, T.L. Wilson bought the mill and he, along with his four sons, took over the family business in 1959 and expanded it to include grain drying, fertilizer, and bulk feed handling equipment. 

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

The building is three-storeys. 

In 1961, the mill went up in flames again and the Wilson family was forced to rebuild. 

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

A view of the old grain silos. 

"The new electricity-powered mill had its official opening on March 23, 1962 and sold animal health products, pesticides and livestock, poultry and pet food," writes a historic Whitevale community blogger.

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

Exposed beams and high ceilings add character to the place. 

Now the building has been used in commercial shoots and as sets for movies such as Paradise Falls and Evil Knievel.

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

An office space. 

It's undergone a lot of renovations since and it's now an office building, a quilt shop and two residences. 

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

A bedroom in one of the units. 

The residence part brings in $140K of income, not including the main floor apartment.  

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

This unit has an open concept living and dining area with a loft. 

Some of the units are gorgeous with 30-foot ceilings, lots of natural light and tons of hard loft character. 

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

The garage. 

The property also has more than an acre of land and a five-car garage, which has a separate furnace, a commercial hoist, an air compressor, air lines,  and a 400 amp service for welding. 

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

The property sits beside the West Dufferin Creek on the Seaton Trail.

It's also been approved to turn into a winery, restaurant, bed and breakfast, bakery, spa, dispensary or really whatever you want. 

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

The garden has been professional landscaped and has perenial plants. 

Although, at one point the place was expected to function as a bed and breakfast and a burn victim recovery centre. (I'm not sure if that's ironic or not).

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

One of the patios. 

However, any plans are on hold as now it's on the market for $3,499,000

425 Whitevale Road Pickering

The property has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

Either way I can't wait to find out what this decidedly unique building will turn into.  425 Whitevale Road Pickering

One of the residential units. 

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