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This crumbling gingerbread house perfectly represents Toronto's housing market

A funny tweet is shining a spotlight on a serious issue in Toronto — the ridiculous costs of housing in the city and the people who have no homes at all.

Creative director Amy Wood posted a photo of a broken gingerbread house on Twitter and joking referred to it as a home for sale in Toronto.

"Brutal: this house is listed on Toronto MLS for $1.3 million," read the tweet.

The tweet drew dozens of responses.

"Haha the competition is fierce...this tiny little shoebox with a partial roof and an extremely unstable foundation just sold for $1.7 million," one person wrote.

"After cramping into a multi-floor luxury Yorkdale condo, this young couple dreamed of a fixer upper in Toronto's west end," another wrote.

Sadly the jokes ring true. Toronto has seen some pretty rough looking houses on the market for ridiculous prices.

A two-bedroom, one bathroom tiny house near Little Italy, advertised as a "rare detached bungalow located in the heart of Toronto," for $1 million.The home, which looked run down, actually sold for $1.8 million.

real estate toronto

This tiny home sold for $1.8 million in Toronto.

In 2019, a dilapidated, graffiti-covered bungalow was on sale for $2.5 million at 14 Grange Ave. in Toronto. The price tag for this home was due to its prime location and it was listed as a tear down.

Still, the Toronto market shows no signs of slowing down despite the pandemic, and for many people the prices are way out of reach.

The number of people living outside in encampments across Toronto at the moment raises the question of what the soaring prices mean for people.

As Wood points out in a response tweet – "All jokes aside housing shouldn't be a commodity."

She suggests people consider donating to the Encampment Support Network and as winter bears down this is a vital message.

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Amy Wood

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