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10 things to do in Toronto today

Talking about mental health is never easy, but events in Toronto look to explore the subject in all its forms through art at Rendezvous with Madness. Elsewhere, there's a new exhibit dedicated to Nelson Mandela.

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    • October 10
      You've probably heard a song or two from this Australian indie band who are apt at making gorgeous ballads that cut straight to the feels.
    • October 10
      Spike Lee's 2000 film takes a look at the complicated, twisted, farcical intermingling of race, representation and enduring legacy of blackface.
      Revue Cinema
    • October 10
      A night of storytelling is on as folks drop by to tell the tales behind their tats, including TEDx speaker Jordan Goldlist and Raps reporter Akil Augustine.
      Artscape Sandbox
    • October 10
      A piece of Nashville's indie rock scene is making its way to Toronto with the dancey beats of COIN played alongside The Elwins.
    • October 10
      Human trafficking exists in Ontario and this film looks at the story of one survivor while raising awareness and funds for the many others.
    • October 10
      The Academy is here in Toronto and ready to get you moving and grooving with a night of music, brought to you by Toronto's local R&B artists.
    • October 10
      Nuit Blanche may be over, but the artists involved are still on hand to chat about their works, including Bekah Brown and Ghost Atelier.
    • October 10-20
      Mental health is at the centre of this festival that explores the issue through dance, theatre, visual art, performances and music.
      Multiple Venues
    • October 10 - January 5
      Nelson Mandela's extraordinary life and legacy are being retold at this new exhibition that follows his struggle for freedom and equality.
      Meridian Arts Centre (formerly Toronto Centre for the Arts)
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    Workman Arts

Lead photo by

Workman Arts

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