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The top 5 free events in Toronto this week

For those of us on a budget, looking to save, or just trying to make it in the city, free events in Toronto are here for you. Open Streets will see parts of Bloor and Yonge become an urban funzone while two big festivals are on in Little India and Chinatown.

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    • August 14
      The 2003 blackout happened 15 years ago this week, and to celebrate, a big jam is on featuring a picnic, music, bike ride, parade and afterparty.
      Christie Pits
    • August 18-19
      Toronto's vibrant Chinatown neighbourhood shows its colours with a big street festival that includes vendors, activities and cultural showcases.
    • August 18-19
      Performances, arts, food, and more are all going down at this huge, weekend-long neighbourhood celebration of traditional South Asian culture.
      Little India
    • August 19
      The Christie Pits Film Festival comes to a close with the last of the Cinematic Cities series, this time taking us to San Francisco for this Hitchcock classic.
      Christie Pits
    • August 19
      The first of two Open Streets events is on this week, where parts of Bloor and Yonge go carless and the streets become an urban playground of pedestrian-focused activities.
      Bloor and Yonge Streets
    Lead photo by

    Nick Kernick

Lead photo by

Nick Kernick

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