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The top 5 free events in Toronto this week

Free events in Toronto this week will keep your brain fed. There's a rally in support of the city's Islamic community, a fascinating photographic look inside refugee camp life and some hilarious pop-culture trivia on Ossington.

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    • February 28
      A game night facilitated by artist Golboo Amani ... you'll play, laugh and connect and witness first hand how board games create family, no matter what your background. It's a games night inside an art gallery!
    • March 2
      It's the one year anniversary of Lower Ossington's fave trivia night. Do you know who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1956? Can you name Ross's pet monkey on Friends? It's pop culture trivia and it's free to play.
    • March 3
      An evening of art-filled walls, stimulating discussions and collective community inclusion... this is a photography experience and look inside a refugee camp. There'll be snacks and drinks and a chance to win tickets to the AGO.
      The White House Studio Projects
    • March 4
      A day to show our support for inclusion and support for Toronto's Islamic community. It should be noted a group called the "Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens" is planning an anti-Islam rally at on the same day.
      Nathan Phillips Square
    • March 5-6
      A free, two-day, downtown festival honouring Toronto’s 183rd Anniversary with live performances, vendors, shopping, food trucks, interactive activities, a DJ skating party, and an annual photography competition.
      Nathan Phillips Square
    Lead photo by

    Bryan Bonnici

Lead photo by

Bryan Bonnici

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