Radar: Run With The Kittens, Four Short Talks on Animals, The Adjective Nouns!, Literary Death Match

MUSIC | Run With The Kittens at the Cameron House!
RWTK's musical style can be described as cool and poppy indie rock with a new age flare but that would be taking the easy way out so let's get crazy. It's like a hug from a hundred grandmas who all recently pulled their sweaters out of their hundred convection ovens. Cozy. It's what Steve Zissou would listen to if he was played by Seth Rogan instead of Bill Murray, if you get my meaning. Super cool but still classically awesome. This highly acclaimed super-group are continuing their monthly visits to The Cameron House in what is sure to be a psyche-rock explosion of epic proportions. I hope the lucky sons of guns in the front rows are ready to have good tunes explode all over them! Clothes, shoes, handbags, everything will get smeared with excellent vibes. Happiness does lie in fresh apple pie.
10pm, Cameron House, (408 Queen St W.) PWYC

COMEDY | The Adjective Nouns! - Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival!!
Nothing has been the same for the Adjective Nouns since the winter of 2008 when their star quarterback, "Clubber Jimmy Swanson" suddenly quit the group and joined up with 'right-side-of-the-tracks' arch rivals Grade Eight Dance. It's not certain exactly why the captain suddenly split from his old friends but rumors within Toronto's seedy sketch comedy world seem to point to scandal, intrigue and wild sexual deviancy. But following rumors is not how great news-men operate. That's sloppy and there's no place for it! Let's just say this. If Clubber Swanson and Jet Marquee on GED see what new TAN leader Tiffany Hammerhead has been saying about them to the little gals in Good Game ... all H.E. double hockey sticks could break out and that could be historic.
8 - 9:30pm, Comedy Bar, (945 Bloor St W)

READING | Literary Death Match
History Lesson: It was 1967 when Mark Twain got his foot bone cracked when it was rolled on by Truman Capote's wheelchair who simply blew the accident off without an apology of even the money for fresh shoe polish. So Twain did what any respectable person would and he slapped Capote across the head and exclaimed, "I doth challenge you to a literary death match!" Well the same acts of sick barbarism are still in practice throughout the intellectual world and finally we get to see one in person without even having to go to Cuba. The Toronto LDM100 takes the stage with an all-star line-up of Toronto-based readers and judges that includes readers Claudia Dey (Harper Collins), Ibi Kaslik (Penguin Canada), Susan Holbrook (Coach House Books), and Andrew Kaufman (Random House), with judges Julie Wilson and Lisa Gabriele. The writers will pair off cage-match style to battle in seven minute segments for the Literary Death Match crown.
The Drake Hotel, (1150 Queen St. W.) 8:15pm
Tickets are $5 at literarydeathmatch.com, $8 at the door, and $5 with student ID.

Photos by redgeckTO in the blogTO Flickr pool

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