LELO: The Lexus of Vibes

Walking around the Everything to Do With Sex Show last weekend, I passed the usual selection of sex toys -- "Pocket Rocket sale! $9.99 today only!" and variations of the Rabbit for $30. But on the shelves of Come As You Are is a new breed of pleasure that would fit right at home as props in a truck limo or connected to an iPod.

Vibrators are getting more high-end and boy, are they purdy.

My biggest problem with many wireless vibes is that the intensity isn't there. They die off too quickly and/or feel like a gentle buzz rather than a racing heartbeat. That all changed the moment I met Lelo on Saturday.

No, it's the name of some Hawaiian chick getting spanked in the Dungeon Room but rather the Swedish company behind new fancy sex toys.

According to their Web site, the models come "with a distinct design philosophy," drawing inspiration from the fashion and beauty industries. The design is simple and sophisticated.

"With an avant-garde approach and an affordable mid- to premium price range, LELO provides a high-quality alternative to the conventional erotic market space," boasts the company's Web site.

There were a few models on the booth wall. But the one which caught my eye was the "Iris." With a price tag of $120, it'd better damn well be high-tech. Press the circular Mac-like button up, down and side to side for different speeds and pulsating effects. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A three-hour charge provides five hours of good times.

LELO hasn't forgotten about guys, either. Granted, their guy toys -- all two of them -- have names that don't sound all that erotic or exotic. "Bo" ($44 US) is a flexible, rechargable, vibrating cockring ($79 US) and "Bob," their "gentlemen's plug." Its unique design features a circular grip at the base and a balloon-like shape.

This isn't Lelo, but definitely worth mentioning:
Also recommended is the Je Joue ($300). Although it wasn't on the shelf, the Je Joue seems to be the most technological advanced because it allows you to program it and select the types of vibrations you like and remember it like a "playlist" for next time. You can make up 10 different 'Grooves.' You can also create your own Grooves playlist online, and email them to a friend or lover's Je Joue, or leave them on the Web site for anyone to download.

LELO and others like are slowly paving the way for more beautifully-designed vibes. Finally, sex toys are getting the respect and treatment they deserve.

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