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Webdreams Season Opener Shakes Up the Ossington

The Toronto community of Web porn squeezed into the Ossington Thursday night.

They were there to celebrate the launch of the upcoming third season of Webdreams, a docu-drama on Showcase's Fridays Without Borders.

Now, I know what you're thinking -- porn party! This must be what it's like at the Playboy mansion! I was actually slightly disappointed that the launch wasn't more salacious. There was no pole dancing, no naughty bar scenes, not even a glimpse of a double-ended dildo. It was a packed bar with people hanging out.

I had attended the premiere of season one in Montreal a few years ago when I was working for 2Much, and recall a wild time. People were making out everywhere, classic bathroom lines of coke were being snorted. I guess, everything you'd expect the nature of such a party to be.

But at the same time, I thought, why shouldn't porn stars blend in with the crowd in a professional atmosphere? They're regular folks, right?

Toronto-based fetish queen Maxine X and her husband Scott Rhodes agree.

"We're like the horny couple next door," Maxine laughs. "I'm just an exhibitionist and a fun wife."

Married for over four years, the couple wants to break into the mainstream porn industry after running their production company for five years.

"We love the journey, but it's not as easy as people think," Rhodes said. "People look at a DVD and they think they just show off to the camera and have sex."

"You have to adjust to circumstances - we were getting ready to do this shoot, but then an ear infection came up."

Drawing from more than 600 hours of footage, the docu-drama captures the glitter and grime of this multi-billion dollar industry, as seen through the eyes of six new characters, including Maxine X and Scott.

Paris (not to be confused with Paris Hilton, even though she's a blonde) is a bonafide "solo girl," meaning she doesn't do any scenes with anyone else but herself on Webcam. She says she got into the adult industry after many restricting years as a "good girl" at a Richmond Hill private school.

"I want to do something fun, do something racy and do something that no one would think I would do," the 20-year-old purrs to me at the bar.

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She launched Play With Paris and Cam With Paris, which she boasts has over 5,000 paid members worldwide.

Her storyline in the show revolves around whether she'll sign on to do big production company shoots from porn companies such as Vivid.

"Tune in to find out," she said.

She hopes her career in porn translates into her being on the silver screen, fully-clothed.

"Everyone says bad things about the porn industry, but I haven't seen anything - no drugs or anything," she said. "I'll always live in Toronto, though. I love it here."

Other stars in Webdreams include Jordan, who has plans to take an even bigger piece of the webcam pie; Seven is also hoping to cash in, by combining two of his favourite things: hip hop music and hardcore porn; Chad and Chris, two of gay porn's biggest names, find themselves teamed up at Jet Set Productions; and Tommy Pistol, the alt-porn king of New York, is gambling that the director's chair will lead to a new and brighter future in Los Angeles.

The third season the show was filmed in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, Newfoundland, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and the Dominican Republic.

The 10-part half-hour series produced by Galafilm premieres Sep. 5 at 10 p.m. on Showcase.

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